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Don't we all? But, have you ever landed *thud* in your dream?

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Can you seek a second opinion from a female gyn?
Kazrami 27.07.2018
Both parties are equally responsible for birth control. If john didn't want a baby, he should have used a condom or gotten a vasectomy (if he never wanted one). I'm pro-life, so of course I think what he did was murder. However, the official legal stance is that a 6 week fetus isn't a child, so on that basis, he should have been charged with assault, or poisoning or something.
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A bit of a misnomer. I wouldn?t say anything could become natural, but you?re on the right track. More so, everything in existence is natural and, some things once thought to be supernatural are actually natural.
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Body cams are new enough that the policies covering their use is still going through growing pains. Turned off is one thing, but I can see the whole "not released" thing. They don't release crime scene photos for the same reason. The cameras are shifting things, I think for the better.
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He gets to molest men on the set of HoC, and then get paid for doing nothing?
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yes or you could do it individually
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Scrapple is better than bacon.
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People dismiss prophecy because they, like you aren't honest with it. No offense.
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Starschmucks is close this afternoon giggle to have training for bias?....sensitivity?? what is the issue? They have a few idiots working for them and 190000 people get trained... Just FIRE them. It will not stop happening you can not train to stop idiots.


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