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Dude, you are coming off as a YEC defender here.

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Hbo real sex gallery
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Tajas 13.07.2018
The AG (and I'd have to check but I think the Financial Accountability Office has also expressed concerns) has made it clear that there are discrepancies between what she and the govt believe about aspects of the financial projections.
Sagor 22.07.2018
Yaawn. That?s the best ya got? Boy oh boy, this OU really, really pissed you off eh?
Balmaran 25.07.2018
""If we lived in a universe that was not just created for us, human life would be implausible."
Nikoshura 03.08.2018
Perhaps in rare cases but what I haven?t run into that being a problem.
Meztimi 11.08.2018
The problem is that you need to read Jeff Sessions comments in context to understand. So yes Sessions wants to separate families and wants Christians and the rest of us to obey the Trump administrations interpretation.
Tebar 14.08.2018
Then in your mind, you have nothing to lose.
Tauzshura 18.08.2018
Perhaps there's a difference in psyche between boys and girls in that regard. A question worthy of further investigation.
Faegis 23.08.2018
You are missing my point so hard. Are you trying to act this blind?
Kakree 02.09.2018
In the Netherlands? Definitely.
Mogor 10.09.2018
Lol yah yah yah yah
JoJole 14.09.2018
Really? What "answer" did I give that gave rise to such a pile of bile?


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