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Girls getting fucked with an umbrella

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Reality Kings - Two hot blondes share cock

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Ah yes, science indeed.

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Girls getting fucked with an umbrella
Girls getting fucked with an umbrella
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Tygotaxe 02.08.2018
You play the victim mentality. Its hilarious
Gudal 09.08.2018
Lol except for the older people. When I was teaching at a lawfirm, me and the two partners would be doing our lesson in the conference room, and one of the older attorneys always busted into the room at 2:15 to go lie down on the couch lmao.
Madal 13.08.2018
I don't really care whether or not it was her first action. It was inappropriate.
Mitilar 22.08.2018
Here's the thing, Kev. There is no evidence of, or need for magic or the existence of any of the millions of hypothetical, undetected and undetectable super-spooks - including that invented by ancient ignorant barbarians and with which you have been indoctrinated.
Dik 30.08.2018
Damn!! I'm always missing out on all the fun!!
Nirr 02.09.2018
So my question is this. Where is the dust bowl?
Nihn 12.09.2018
Does Doug Ford?
Vusho 22.09.2018
No need to. If any believer "survived" and has not become an atheist after reading (and trying to understand), something is seriously wrong with his/her brain. :-) Thanks for great post.
Akinolkis 29.09.2018
So the ability to obtain a wedding cake hinged solely on one baker in Colorado...gee we ought to all open bakeries.
Arashizil 07.10.2018
There is always room for error in translation, but that's what it looks like to me.
Gogore 11.10.2018
three worst Presidents, Trump, Obama, Kennedy?
Kekinos 19.10.2018
"millions living in fear" - Yes, the 11 million foreign citizens illegally in the US should live in fear of being exposed... just like every criminal should.
Meztirg 25.10.2018
It's a global village? What kind of globalist bullshit is that? But certainly we twice elected a village idiot to represent us.
Malazshura 29.10.2018
It seems you dismiss out of hand anything that doesn't agree with your current conclusion. That leads to confirmation bias.
Daikazahn 31.10.2018
With my love of Psychology, I just laid it out once, that anti-theists aren?t interested in being convinced. Your target shooting is fun to watch though...
Kazranris 11.11.2018
I don't see it often out in public, but I do see it in YouTube comments when it pertains to celebrity men. Not sure if that counts, though.
Nim 15.11.2018
You must be a scorpion... ;P
Shakazuru 19.11.2018
To think I'm one of the few men who get this. lolol
Kagazilkree 22.11.2018
Prove a soul exists. Wow you made a claim.
Gulabar 24.11.2018
That doesn't prove that you exist. I can prove using what what was 4th grade science 50 years ago that you don't exist. You only think you do.
Akinorn 30.11.2018
Right. Yet, Nietzsche is much more dead, and certainly never was as alive as long as the Creator of the Laws of the Universe. Thanks Abraham through Jesus, and after!
Faesar 06.12.2018
?? you are quite the jokester.. ?Christian?-humanist. If that isn?t an oxymoron. Are they anything like ?Christian-Muslims?? Humanism relies on placing all importance in human matters over divine/supernatural matters. By definition a Christian follows the teaching of JC (a divine being) and His teachings include supreme importance on divine mattters. So a Christian cannot claim to follow Christ and assign hubris importance on man through humanism. And If you don?t accept Absolute Truth, you have no choice but to accept moral relativism or relative truths. So it?s very much tied to atheism... sans God, sans Absolute Truth.
Daran 09.12.2018
Lol so you do believe
Dujas 19.12.2018
I think if you compare the Lord's Prayer to the Ave Maria (Hail Mary) you will see the difference in the Catholic approach, and why it isn't worship (direct or idolatry). In the Lord's prayer we ask God to intervene, to forgive us our trespasses and our daily bred, to deliver us from evil. We are approaching God as supplicant. In the Hail Mary no prayer for action is made, they person praying simply praises her for her role, and blessings. The only thing "asked" of Mary in the prayer is that she pray for us. She is not asked to "do" she is asked add her voice to ours before they God that she and we worship/
Doubar 28.12.2018
?? What do you mean by falsifiable? Are you sure that is the right word because ive never heard it used in this context so perhaps you could clarify what it is you are actually saying?
Yoshicage 08.01.2019
My pleasure. Lol
Arashirisar 12.01.2019
How is that even possible? You can not change the ACTUAL writing. It is what it is. All you can do is get follower to a place where they realize that it is either; outdated, incorrect or not literal. Which is exactly what has happened. Why you chose to overlook that fact is the part that is bewildering.


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