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Gay marriage opinion polls


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Hence my question as to WHY, and you basically saying, "Look, over there, a squirrel!"

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Gay marriage opinion polls
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Samugor 10.05.2018
I've bee relaxing for the past while, a cracked rib will do that, so nothing too much.
Shak 20.05.2018
Take a gander at this article...http://
Grokinos 29.05.2018
Not at all. In your unhappy state of mind you cannot see it for what it is.
Niktilar 30.05.2018
...when you pass out and your "friends" find a home tattoo kit?
Fautaur 09.06.2018
"- How much agency does our job have over our personal lives?"
Duzil 15.06.2018
Actually it is 20 days, to allow time for the parent;s case to be disposed of.
Shagul 20.06.2018
Atheism is not a free for all. It is a non belief in God or gods. Period. You know this but continue to ignore it.
Kim 27.06.2018
From the tweets at all hours of the night and morning, Trump sleeps?
Akigul 01.07.2018
You are correct that they did not use drugs. They used violence and torture (and probably alcohol) not sure how drugs are "worse" if that's what you're aiming at.
Vigis 03.07.2018
Yeah, I mean look at how much more respectfully he speaks about career woman Hillary Clinton. What a load of crap, haha
Kagakora 07.07.2018
>>"I think that people getting offended by "merry Christmas" and "God bless you" are extremely rare. They are probably outnumbered by the headlines about them."<<
Faujas 14.07.2018
Wow, someone who is actually addressing the OP questions. Kudos.
Dugore 21.07.2018
Leftys are just terrible human beings.
Zulum 25.07.2018
Yes, because they keep on the same damn shifts. I still say they need to foster more community outreach and switch them up for day and night shifts. You need to maintain a sense of humanity to be truly just.
Grom 31.07.2018
Steph now needs only 9 more 3 pointers to tie Ray Allen's playoff 3 point record.
Gardajas 01.08.2018
I'm sorry Yvonne.
Munris 08.08.2018
Forgiveness is for pussies.
Kegore 09.08.2018
Yes, well...I'm not talking about awareness for certain reasons. It's too advanced of a topic.
Kajizshura 19.08.2018
"Goddidit" is the refuge of the ignorant and mentally lazy. It is OK to be ignorant, we don't know everything, but to not even try to understand something because it seems complex is mentally lazy and that is not OK. "Goddidit" is a cop out because further examination is not needed and is discouraged. That completely ends the seeking of reality. Those that say "Goddidit" are in there own, but widely shared, delusional world. All activity for understanding life have ceased as it has all been answered by a phrase that wraps up all the ignorance in the world for them. Trying to convince others that "Goddidit" is an attempt to spread that ignorance and laziness. That is religion for you.
Musho 25.08.2018
Dude, you are coming off as a YEC defender here.
Vuktilar 03.09.2018
Okay what is the bigger picture in your opinion?
Nelmaran 06.09.2018
Oh, ok, you are talking reincarnation or something, spiritual stuff. Since we have no physical proof of that, a scientist will continue to view life as a finite one timer.^ I am not disagreeing with you, just pointing out that we lack physical proof of what you state.
Dazahn 12.09.2018
Nihn 16.09.2018
You made this claim and comparison over and over and over again. The dumbest comparison to have ever plagued antitheists like you...
Vikasa 20.09.2018
Well I?m economically conservative and I agree with the graph. Plus that?s how it?s taught in most poli sci university classes. It?s pretty objective. Your opinion on it being subjective, is subjective.
Kazinris 30.09.2018
You're not a king if you have no army.
Shaktinos 01.10.2018
Are you a gay, left wing journalist?
Gugis 07.10.2018
I sincerely doubt that.
Mezilkree 15.10.2018
I don't think he said that.
Meztimuro 21.10.2018
What colour were the criminals wearing the burkas?
Kazilrajas 31.10.2018
In 2011 according to fbi stats, 5086 bank robberies occurred, only in 236 of those instances were there guards on duty.
Mushakar 06.11.2018
Well now i wouldn't exactly call them people
Jukasa 16.11.2018
He requires all whom He has redeemed through His dear and only begotten Son, to tell and warn all of a day that is rapidly approaching, where their unbelief in Him will be judged. He doesn?t want anyone to eternally die and be sent to Hell, but if you continue you to disregard your only option of not being sent there, then you will leave Him no choice but to throw you there. I by warning you of this doom, will have done what He has required of me where you are concerned.
Kazshura 17.11.2018
Fact is Conservatives dominate this list.


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