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Blonde MILF thirsty for jizz

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Taulkis 13.07.2018
That's why I like it here... Make it rain.
Akijin 16.07.2018
It has become an issue due to sports hosting events. Many are held in Texas and now state college staff cannot travel.
Fenrikus 21.07.2018
No, it's not a matter of choice. And yes, you are questioning someone's humanity by refusing to recognize a marriage. You're not questioning someone's belief, which may change at some point. You're condemning their whole life. Being gay isn't 'tied to' a person's identity. It is their identity.
Dilkis 29.07.2018
Maybe you don't understand what fair distribution of the wealth is. Take some college courses in economics to get a better idea of what that is. Let's make it simple. We have a distribution of the wealth now. Is that understood? The problem is that over 90% of the GDP goes to the top 1%. Is that fair? The minimum wage is less than a living wage. Why should a person working a full time job, make less than half of what it takes to live? They create the wealth that the top 1% get. Yet they don't earn enough to live on. That is a problem. Do you agree? Its not about what you want. Its what you need and your equity in what you produce.
Zololmaran 30.07.2018
So, as long as you feel it, it's that way for everybody...? That's your logic? "Real" Christians can't be racist? Am I getting this right?
Shaktizshura 06.08.2018
Why? We have multiple cases of leftists crying wolf about "crimes conservatives commit" against them, only to be arrested later for fabricating the story.
Zulkijas 15.08.2018
NT Christianity teaches to love your enemies , bless those who cures you, turn the other cheek, etc.
Nalrajas 25.08.2018
It?s not a new revelation to me that men wrote the Bible. It must be to you because you wrote that ?G-D wrote the Bible?.
Meztibei 31.08.2018
Which is why he said he would run a deficit for 2 years.
Vojar 02.09.2018
your post does't make sense.
Toshicage 04.09.2018
It's about time they figured out how to exist without our money and time. With any luck, they can develop their OWN defense budgets soon. Fuck em. And fuck anyone who reprints the meanderings of such fools in the first place.
Zukree 07.09.2018
??? source please?
Shalkree 15.09.2018
Aflac is a good place to start. Life insurance. You should have 6 months worth of housing and overhead expenses put away, you should try not to have credit cards (I have none) and if you have a spouse have him or her do it too. All of these are about 20 bucks here and there amonth...
Arakasa 25.09.2018
Exactly, going back to bed sounds great
Dojin 01.10.2018
So, what does it take and what doesn't he have? You make so many claims yet, have no CREDIBLE facts or evidence to back them.
Yogore 06.10.2018
Like I said, if that's what it takes for you to be a decent human-being, fill yer boots.
Bragor 09.10.2018
Little bit of both I'd imagine.
Mikajas 13.10.2018
1. Keep dreaming.
Kiramar 18.10.2018
Oh no, my friend, man right from start is trying to be God. The Serpent
Akibar 26.10.2018
Dude, we just saw article after article about trump ripping children from parents and locking them in cages all with pictures from 2014! Conservativechick has nothing to do with that. They did that on their own.
Judal 29.10.2018
What can I say? Most people's religious education stops at about age 12. They went to Sunday school, or catechism class, or Hebrew school. They memorized some doctrine, bible verses, prayers and colored the pictures of Bible stories. And that's it - on to life they go with their religious training complete.
Yozshuzilkree 01.11.2018
Too bad she can't resign from the planet.
Samusar 07.11.2018
I already did, you are just too simple to have picked up on it. One more time for ya then dippy. How many American citizens has President Trump ordered arrested, put into ghettos AFTER having them numbered and stripped of all valuables and then sent in cattle cars to extermination camps. Let me help you... ZERO! The real fascists these days identify themselves as liberal.


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