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Well OK. If someone had suggested 100 years ago that our Universe was finite and emerged in physical existence just 14 billion years ago in a super hot super fast expansion event (a completely different theory than was previously held), any tests of that would have failed miserably. Therefore you would have concluded, such a thing as a finite Universe just a few billions of years out of the box is not scientifically possible?

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Eve rapper sex tape video
Eve rapper sex tape video
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Shakadal 06.04.2018
Roman emperors? That's a new one.
Masho 15.04.2018
Neither. Expressed an opinion.
Migami 19.04.2018
Seems Disqus again is playing with my comments. But oh well. I will state that too bad the Unholy Roman Catholic Cult of Pedophile Pimps and Pedophiles cannot abide by or practice "that good moral guidance" huh?
Mijas 27.04.2018
NYC now has a law with which a person can be fined up to $1/4 MILLION for refusing to recognize a biological man as a woman. It means if they do not use the term demanded by the person, etc.
Nikoktilar 04.05.2018
My statement addressed the fact that the author attempted to post this as a health issue rather than religious, as this is the Religion channel.
Groshakar 11.05.2018
The least the guy can do is get me a mastectomy and hysterectomy for free.
Saramar 17.05.2018
Here comes the President if my Dan club. It?s nice to know to can trigger you without even posting directly to you. :)
Arashitaur 21.05.2018
I remember him saying the first day that Obama took office that they were going to oppose everything Obama did and that his number one goal was not to work to help us get out of a recession, but to make Obama a one term president.
Taktilar 30.05.2018
I don't think women are saints or virtuous. And I am pretty sure that people use guns so they won't be overpowered, regardless of gender. We don't even see violence among other women, meaning violence from women to women. So I don't think it's just about the idea of being 'overpowered'. I also think it's really degrading to men to suggest that men are just violent people in general when we know many aren't violent and despite being manly and also having hormones, would never hurt someone.
JoJozil 05.06.2018
Yours is an ancient myth, alright. Completely false.
Vogul 13.06.2018
It's on the way, geez! He just needs another million dollars.
Nashakar 17.06.2018
It manipulated the entire American electorate and political discourse.
Volar 19.06.2018
Do you not believe that conduct trumps claims.
Groll 27.06.2018
Great post....But you have another brain surgery doctor....better get to it.
Akinolabar 06.07.2018
Lol, all I can gather is that you are offended that the human race has sucked azz since day one. I have gone back a re-read what I wrote and see nothing to support what you are doing. Which says everything.
Maujin 12.07.2018
Sure. Go ahead with your fantasy. I know who you are and have known you for years.
Yozshusho 19.07.2018
Khadr was a 15 year old at the time he allegedly chucked a grenade while buried and injured in the heap of rubble in which he was discovered a minute(?) later.
Totaxe 22.07.2018
Again. You believe what Satan has convinced you to believe, and let that sink into your head for a while. You are trying hard to convince people not to think. Hopefully few will allow you to fool them.
Bajinn 30.07.2018
I've done that before. It hurts.
Sahn 01.08.2018
Were not going to agree. ever. So, there.


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