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Erotic massage - the touch of love

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Tranny Jerks off Her Dick

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The irony of you defending the person who stole a SC justice on the grounds of not ruling by power moves is completely lost on you.

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Erotic massage - the touch of love
Erotic massage - the touch of love
Erotic massage - the touch of love
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Zukree 27.06.2018
LOL what has Carrie got to do with a feminine side? Hold your water until I am done or you get the switch...
Mozragore 05.07.2018
Whatever. You said opposition to abortion isn't a religious argument. I showed that it can be.
Samura 07.07.2018
Compared to Yahweh (if you never did I suggest you read Bible, on your own, start with page 1) every human so far have been more moral then him, even such murderers as Hitler, Stalin, ...
Nikojora 12.07.2018
Your stupid Crime Minister isn't.
Tugore 19.07.2018
Well, I am not going to worry about what might happen 10,000 years from now.
Galar 21.07.2018
No, he truly thinks he's God.
Nikogis 30.07.2018
Read a book
Goltiktilar 03.08.2018
Cultural tradition, maybe then. But given I lack any religious tradition, it would be hard to say I'm influenced by one.
Dokree 06.08.2018
Ok, Can an eyewitness to the events live that long to tell the story?
Teshura 16.08.2018
You didn't go out enough probably:)
Bramuro 23.08.2018
I think the idea of keeping endangered birds safe is wonderful!
Zulkree 01.09.2018
Yeah, I guess so: simple people will always need religion to keep them from causing problems for the rest of us.
Yot 09.09.2018
You are continuing on the same path. When you have some evidence get back to me.
Kajimuro 11.09.2018
Yes, damn anonymity and other things, once was very simple, you just burned on stakes who refused to believe in imaginary friend. Now is much harder.
Basida 15.09.2018
MTM. I have actually considered that several times.
Maunris 21.09.2018
ROFL... clearly you didn't read it all if you didn't notice those points. If you grew up in the US, as I did, perhaps it would not be so difficult for you to get it.
Kazigami 01.10.2018
Yes, very familiar with analogies... I already pointed out that yours sucks. Want to talk about burnt toast and how it compares to global whatever? Yep, you sound about as stupid.
Sashura 06.10.2018
"Of course they are protesting but no chants, yelling & destruction
Momuro 15.10.2018
"Arnold is being overly-simplistic in distilling critical thinking and social interaction to the understanding of such proofs."
Yozshugor 23.10.2018
I got a card from my nephew and his girlfriend that asked me to save the day without much of an explanation. I had to ask wtf is this, a wedding invitation? Apparently I need a Gen-X decoder ring...
Bagor 31.10.2018
N what?s dis name ?ts yo mommy??
Daikora 04.11.2018
Comparing mass shootings to the murders of authoritarian regimes is specious: mass shooters are almost all private citizens acting alone, for their own reasons, perhaps involving a feeling of resentment and futility, a loss of hope for a resolution of certain perceived problems by other less destructive or less violent means, or a feeling of disenfranchisement from society and anger at social institutions including both politics and religion.
Golticage 10.11.2018
Yes he's already here. We had a great time at the strip joint last night!
Akishakar 17.11.2018
The irony of their "big baby" comment was no doubt lost on them.
Gardasho 23.11.2018
No it isn't. Morality is a myth. You just don't like it is all, and so you label this feeling of dislike 'immoral' to add strength to your claim.
Totaxe 02.12.2018
"Is a successful author"


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