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Crack head confession s

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You said: "things are created by random events" Please explain.

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Crack head confession s
Crack head confession s
Crack head confession s
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Kakinos 21.05.2018
Thank you for the truth some people will sell their soul for a lie
Nalrajas 30.05.2018
Did it include cutting out trips to Trump owned properties?
Sarg 08.06.2018
Haven?t there already been several investigations into Clinton and nothing happened ? When will you get over it
Samugul 14.06.2018
The difference is, murder is a crime. Infidelity is not. This guy clearly has committed a moral wrong. But to assume he's also committed a legal wrong (or plans on it) isn't proper in a society that values the presumption of innocence.
Tushakar 21.06.2018
Yes, and I explained why this is. When you have a closed group, who engage in unprotected sex within tha closed group you get s high STD rate. Look at the high school in Texas, it had the majority of its students with an STD. Let that sink in.
Voodooktilar 21.06.2018
Did your boyfriend cheat on your with a friend of yours?
Mujar 28.06.2018
One of my favourite things is listening to clearly homosexual preachers talking about the evil urges and desires that I as a straight man do not have.
Karn 30.06.2018
No. you didn't ask about the tenets. Though, I will be happy to provide you the tenets for the Christian denominations...they are:
Tojamuro 04.07.2018
heh heh. Will do.
Volrajas 09.07.2018
I get false positives from fire alarms frequently.
Doshura 17.07.2018
No one picked the log ride?
Mekazahn 23.07.2018
"There can be many positions on such a topic as abortion. DUH"


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