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Classroom icebreakers for adults

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Nah, can't say I am what you would call a 'fiscal conservative'. hehe

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Classroom icebreakers for adults
Classroom icebreakers for adults
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What are "atheistic beliefs?"
Tok 29.08.2018
Right?! I wondered all along why she didn't just come with him in the first place. Then again...He may not have ever met the Browns had she been around at the start.
JoJorg 04.09.2018
Just as I thought, hot air, pissing and moaning.
Arabei 13.09.2018
Seen by Marco Polo on his voyage back from China, and mentioned in the bible.
Maum 23.09.2018
It's to tar a concept that globalists and lefties hate so people will be afraid to listen.
Zugar 24.09.2018
So you're defending the people who set fire to a DHS employee's dog.
Mezitaur 27.09.2018
Just tell him your last name. ;-)
Gardak 01.10.2018
"HRC is very religious"
Kigajas 10.10.2018
remember when this channel had 10 mods
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Call the car throwing away prevention hotline first.
Shalabar 26.10.2018
Why do some Christians project their own need for an invisible supernatural friend onto everyone else in society?
Voodoorisar 30.10.2018
another theist that thinks a political ideology is the same as atheism! How ironic this shows up on an OP about BS!
Dogrel 02.11.2018
Ps Do you know what the word Theology means?
Net 03.11.2018
Merely pointing out article made no mention of beliefs.
Dalar 12.11.2018
What god? Your imaginary friend winning a race you made up.... isn't much of a win.


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