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Buying adult diapers at store

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Untrue. Timothy McVeigh killed 150 women and children with a single truck. Over 300 were killed in Beruit. Ask veterans about trucks and the damage they do.

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Buying adult diapers at store
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Malagar 08.05.2018
What was he "successful" at, other than winning the Presidency twice? BTW, he is only HALF Black.
Daijas 09.05.2018
WHY?? How is that even close to being ok?? bet the people who support this are the same ones running around yelling about the sanctity of life and how every life is precious.
Kagazilkree 10.05.2018
You apparently failed to comprehend the concept of Creation. God created the Universe and its evolution in time and space. Therefore any text is a word of God. Including your funny post.
Dojinn 20.05.2018
I will state it one more time. Water is a solvent.
Nezshura 29.05.2018
Im easy like Sunday morning but have no tattoos.
Goltijin 05.06.2018
The "views" of the writers of scripture [in the Bible] are not their views, but God's Word. Their views would not be considered
Mazusho 09.06.2018
Have you ever heard the saying never judge a man until you?ve walked a mile in his moccasins? It means unless you know someone?s situation and can empathize with them, it?s not right for you to judge them. Your opinion lacks any empathy and understanding of what creates the cycle of poverty here in America.
Samumi 18.06.2018
Agree, in the practical terms. Science, in its broadest sense, informs all human experience. I was giving my opinion in a more narrow sense: insofar as religion deals with nonfalsifiable claims and science deals
Tojaktilar 23.06.2018
All of the above?
Faejinn 30.06.2018
Rolling my eyes... it's like you read what I say, but don't think deeply about it. This is evidenced by the quickness with which you reply.
Tekree 08.07.2018
In the list of myths, there are some baseless assumptions (that Jesus didn't exist, for example), but there are some points that are not so distant from the historical actuality.
Fauzahn 18.07.2018
......which explains your despondence and clinical depression.
Nikolkree 23.07.2018
Is that a tree in your house?
Daramar 26.07.2018
Fair enough. It is a gamble.
Nikogor 03.08.2018
LOLing. That thought did flash thru my mind.
Kagar 07.08.2018
"Birth is given"? Weird way to put it.
JoJoshicage 16.08.2018
The Bible makes no mention of a ?historical Jesus??


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