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Breakfast waife and husband

Pissed Off Housewives 02 - Scene 2

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Pissed Off Housewives 02 - Scene 2

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Nope. Not hate. Just reason and fact. I am not a hyperpartisan cheerleader like you are. I criticize Harper because I think that he is dishonest and his domestic policies were bad for Canada. He was a great diplomat, however, and I hope that becomes a future role for him.

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Breakfast waife and husband
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Fenrinris 21.05.2018
He was Dumbledore and sang Macarthur Park.
JoJokasa 22.05.2018
I love music
Zujora 26.05.2018
The benchmark points are a presidents first and last day.
Voodoogul 05.06.2018
FR: Do you really want to let bakers, caterers, florists, etc. refuse any customer for any reason? That would have to include the No Irish, No Indians, No Blacks, No Mexicans, No Baptists. . .signs on the door. . .right? We're talking about excluding whole groups of people. . .and they STILL keep their state-issued business license?
Nelrajas 07.06.2018
Yet you don't bat an eye about all the "imminent" charges against POTUS...
Tuzil 11.06.2018
You mean the parts of the old law that were inconvenient or unattractive to new followers in Paul's time fade away.
Disar 17.06.2018
Judah was able to accomplish something, with God's help, but failed to accomplish something else.
Douk 19.06.2018
Just what's wrong with pornography? And by the way, just who appointed you arbiter of perversion? Now, care to cite a statute characterizing abortion as murder. It's the law that governs, not your opinion--and incidentally,babies are not aborted! Now, mind your own business!
Gardarisar 21.06.2018
Yet it also borrows heavily from Confucianism and humanism. To say that our morality is Christian in nature ignores the fact that Christian morality condones slavery and genocide and rape.
Arak 27.06.2018
You're easily confused.
Nelrajas 06.07.2018
In Ontario, the politics are basically - Whoever wins, Ontario Loses.


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