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"everyone hold up" brothe heard Duran call "I think I got somethin here". Personally he still wanted to punish her but he knew that Michael had the final say as these were his slaves, especially Silk.

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My delicious babysitter!

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Nebar 25.08.2018
All of that relates to money, and the crude men who would buy and sell human souls into bondage to make it. Not a religious issue, though of course all folks claimed to be one religion or another.
Yozshukinos 28.08.2018
It is a photo of a painting.
Mogami 07.09.2018
There were many who refused to testify and served time with the Clintons. Either they were awaiting a payoff in the end, or avoiding some tragic accident.
Fenrill 17.09.2018
The wind can be measured objectively. It's direction, strength, velocity can all be demonstrated.
Grozahn 27.09.2018
Care to point to the allusion to Bishop Ussher. How about, Bryan's claim to a young earth? Doubling down on your lie doesn't help your case.
Fegul 02.10.2018
Assad wanted the bomb too. The problem with Libya, Syria and Ukraine is that we fostered a revolution. It wasn't organic. Iran is poised for an organic one.
Mell 11.10.2018
And again, you're the one being intolerant. She wanted her legs waxed, not her genitals.
Samukinos 17.10.2018
The only thing worse than Marmite is pineapple on pizza.
Tojakora 26.10.2018
Another day and i see the shit show and mudslinging has started early ...wonder who the instigator this time is ?????
Domuro 05.11.2018
I don't feel a NEED for more. I have more than enough already and I appreciate what I have each and every day. Yes, I'm that "lucky."
Faegami 09.11.2018
Education after Augustine continued only so that the bible could be read and understood, and science stopped dead. Study of any science only distracted people from what was important, and that was Jesus, and had no importance in comparison to the study of the bible and god. He advocated forced conversions or deaths of the Donatist Heretics in North Africa.. He may not have been the sole cause of the Dark Ages, but he was certainly the trigger.


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