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ChiChi Medina very well secured!

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The inherent differences in the nature of God as depicted in the New Testament (e.g. Father, Son, Holy Spirit), and the Koran (e.g. Tawhid) are irreconcilable. If I remember correctly, Muslims see Christians as polytheists because of their 'pluralistic' view of the Trinity. A much simpler approach would be to see that Christians accept Jesus as God, and Muslims view that as blasphemy, as it would be a denial of God's oneness, and a denial of His nature (God does not beget).

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Mogal 01.07.2018
I never said that. You seem to read what you want to read in comments. Maybe look into that?
Kajinos 12.07.2018
I won't Bacon Down!
Faubar 21.07.2018
Government--both left and right don't care about healthcare. That has been proven.
Gotilar 23.07.2018
No idea what the case-scenario is here, but let's imagine the High School is majority Muslim, and Christians are a distinct minority, and effectively a single ethnic group.
Zuluhn 25.07.2018
Ok, so we've completed the omniscience discussion. Good.
Fenrisho 27.07.2018
I'll agree with that. I'll also say that it would seem that the strong men of the world wars toiled in hopes that one day, their kind would be made extinct by a lack of need for them.
Mugar 05.08.2018
I told my husband before that I will not wear shorts under my dresses because I'm not a little girl and it's uncomfortable. He should be thankful that I'm respecting him and wearing panties because there are single and married women who don't wear anything at all under their dresses.
Muktilar 14.08.2018
Ah, therein lies the rub. You can't 'measure' things in the unseen world. At least not by any tools I know of. it's hard to explain, but I suppose a gross oversimplication might be trying to build a new racecar from tools made of lukewarm jello. (that will only make sense to those here who know so save your keystrokes.)
Mozshura 23.08.2018
Not my area of interest , so I will take your word for it.
Samulabar 27.08.2018
You shitstains should probably be more interested in how and why mike Cohen got paid, but as traitors and ignorant fucks you don't care.
Yozshuzil 06.09.2018
You stated all conservatives where liars. I corrected you.
Zushakar 12.09.2018
Yes, this represents an issue. However, it needs to be noted that many states have already enacted laws to correct the issue. It also stands to be noted that the number of guns sold under the "gun show loophole" is remarkably small, and given the strict regulatory compliance required to maintain an FFL (and thus deal in automatic weapons) virtually none of those exchanged through such deals are fully automatic.
Meztikus 22.09.2018
Lots of people get it that never paid into it. Lots of people are on government assistance from womb to coffin...
Faegal 24.09.2018
Oh like YOU Christians professing all kinds of things that cannot be verified right?
Kagasho 03.10.2018
Those are not "illegals" though, they are following the correct process. We aren't really given the number of those who are requesting such, we just have stats of "apprehensions".
Menos 05.10.2018
As long as I end up in your mouth it's all good.


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