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A ah big dick firefighter

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Jelena Jensen Cums With Glass Dildo!

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No-one said it is a valid argument! Probably only applies to the Christian "God", they're the only ones I've seen use it... It's a quirky little variation of the "No True Scotsman" fallacy, with a side-order of Tu Quoque. I suppose it runs like this:

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A ah big dick firefighter
A ah big dick firefighter
A ah big dick firefighter
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Arashigis 27.03.2018
Denial of service by a business covered by public accommodation laws based on religious reasons is currently being decided upon by SCOTUS.
Shar 05.04.2018
You appear to be jealous
Akinosho 10.04.2018
Again, they're not going to win on "obstruction" and "impeach." But pushing for broadband to be established in rural areas, infrastructure, and addressing healthcare could be a good message for them.
Tell 18.04.2018
Whether it's your genuine lack of knowledge about basic Islam or just your deceptive pose to appear that way --- either your ignorance or your taqqya -- (a traditional salad dressing prepared from sesame seeds and camel urine) -- is impressive.
Mooguhn 26.04.2018
I disagree there
Aragor 28.04.2018
It isn't for the worse. It's just for the different. In many cases it's for the better.
Kigazuru 04.05.2018
The crisis is the FBI planting spies in the Trump campaign, and acting to subvert the electoral process, with the full approval of Obama and his whole corrupt cabal of traitors.
Shazuru 08.05.2018
Umm, what? Sorry, but that is factually inaccurate. Yes, Italians and Irish faced discrimination. So what? Muslims in Europe aren't facing discrimination; to the contrary, they are being welcomed, foolishly, with open arms, and they are causing a great deal of trouble. And comparing Italian anarchists like Saaco and Vanzetti to embedded Muslim terrorists is not really valid.
Vum 09.05.2018
He engaged in infidelity.
Kabar 13.05.2018
"So in essence you saying that those who vote green, liberal or ndp will not suffer ?"
Shakale 15.05.2018
Except that Muslims were also heavily engaged themselves in the slave-trade out of Africa...
Tagami 22.05.2018
Hey there folks. I dont know, Ive been hearing about this Ontario election for weeks, and I know how important it is to all. But youve voted, and whatever its going to be is what its going to be.
Tolkree 28.05.2018
Hola and how's you doll?
Kagamuro 31.05.2018
If anything the eyes of the world are being opened to the fact that Putin is waging war against all the advanced democracies of the world.


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