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Would you like something to eat ?" I asked him.

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Faekinos 12.07.2018
Data is out there. Ignore it if you like.
Gardagal 17.07.2018
Oh..oh..where can I sign up my wife for this tree ironing thing. Hell I only got 9 in.....
Malanos 19.07.2018
and yet, it's the prison converts are transformed, and stay out of prison, and turn their lives around, and go from being unstable to stable.
Samull 21.07.2018
Reaching conclusions? No.
Shaktikus 27.07.2018
Because your clam smells like a landfill.
Bakasa 02.08.2018
But faith teaches that God's laws are enforced perfectly.
Tojajinn 11.08.2018
Like with virtually all religions, any growth is a concern because history shows they want to force their unproven belief system onto everyone. If they would focus public efforts only on charity work it would be fine. But most religious organizations focus public efforts on control and suppression of believers and non-believers alike.
Kazranris 15.08.2018
Why does the Golden Rule make no sense to you?
Miktilar 17.08.2018
Yes it was. There was no other. Christ said he would build his church. Do you think he would build a counterfeit church and wait 1500+ years to build the true church? Sounds like you reject Christ's 2000 year old church. How far back in history does your sect go?
Kazragore 24.08.2018
Actually it is.
Taran 25.08.2018
no, he is not a joke... jokes are funny and make people laugh.
Dajin 26.08.2018
they still don't have to stand.
Vujas 31.08.2018
Lol Mo is failing
Nira 06.09.2018
Was more of a Fatal Attraction / stalker kind of thing. Made me leary of casual hook-ups.
Mujas 06.09.2018
Name of first pet and mother's maiden name please?
Goltijinn 12.09.2018
I agree. As concrete as it may seem; even 'objective' succumbs to subjectivity....
Voodooramar 19.09.2018
You're either 1. stupid or 2. illegal yourself, because you don't know how the U.S. system works.
Vukus 23.09.2018
You personify my argument. Even after I post reams of evidence that every major prediction made by evolution has failed, which prompted the Altenberg 16 meeting
Voodoolmaran 01.10.2018
i am familiar with many variations of judaisim, and i think if you look at them all, that you will find cult behavior in a few of them. if your particular group believes gays, or divorced women are to be shunned, and that a woman cannot leave a bad husband with out being shunned, then you might think about that.
Kigazahn 09.10.2018
Sorry, but I don't like this god, keep him for you. Btw, was he Jesus or you worship another god?
Tegami 11.10.2018
Can someone get pregnant if you shoot it in their face?
Tasida 18.10.2018
Right -- apparently it's only harassment if it doesn't work. If it does work it's "sweet." This is the impasse our culture is at now.
Gonos 24.10.2018
Of course I am, I'm human. So are you, at times. That is the messy truth of all of us. We are all imperfect.
Voodoogul 29.10.2018
Your question is fundamentally flawed. The baker in question never placed a belief test on sales. He offered to sell anything in his shop to the couple.
Gardagrel 05.11.2018
Wouldn't a bed be a more appropriate analogy?
Moogugor 16.11.2018
There's one sketchy dude in that whole story and it aint Avenatti. And what the fuck is a "porn lawyer".
Zolotilar 19.11.2018
I agree. Ive already told you I would sell the cake.
Vudogis 28.11.2018
In a way it is proof of the supernatural. Since the Supernatural is also merely what we don't comprehend. Not too many centuries ago earthquakes were supernatural. Everything has a law and order about it that certainly didn't happen accidentally. If we develop our understanding, search for, and discover those laws, then the Supernatural becomes natural. It's as simple as that.
Goltishura 30.11.2018
Myself -- I followed this logic, and consider the Bible as intrinsically as important as the Book of Mormon, in understanding the nature of God and spirit. IE -- not very important, and an illustration of how spirit communication is fraught with error.
Arashizahn 04.12.2018
You clearly don't know what narcissism is. Do go and consult a dictionary before you embarrass yourself further.
Dajinn 07.12.2018
Tell me, how do you think the universe came to be?
Juzshura 11.12.2018
Did I tell you to stop speaking your mind? I think you should start to speak your mind. It woukd be good to hear how you actually think, and it will help you work through your issues.
Milabar 13.12.2018
once more, how does that prove a god created me?
Zulkimuro 17.12.2018
Ahh ok interesting, I do appreciate the insight thank you.
Mikagar 23.12.2018
<snort>. You know, if Joe finds this line of commentary offensive, I?ll have to delete you, as happened with a newbie earlier who wandered in from cage match channels & started harrassing Angie! ??


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