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What would no sex mean
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Akinris 26.08.2018
>>"Killing is killing. It is immoral and reprehensible."<<
Vudozil 06.09.2018
Blinders, I presume
Vosho 10.09.2018
The above are a sin and not a sin according to the Bible.
Faulabar 12.09.2018
Traditional marriage is a concept brought about by the fact that same-sex marriages have been banned for millenia. Hence the term, 'traditional'.
Faejin 14.09.2018
Had a cup of the battery acid they call coffee here in the office.
Faegrel 17.09.2018
in their heads as well, from a young age.
Vogore 25.09.2018
Well I am actually part native American. Unlike Lying Liz I can prove it. And racist frauds pi$$ me off.
Faushura 04.10.2018
While all the atheist whine while pushing for legal enforcement of their religion
Akigor 08.10.2018
Gmork was a much more interesting character than that whiny little Atreyu turd. I wish he won.
Shaktirn 10.10.2018
Jesus , you really have trouble with the English language don't you?
Dagore 14.10.2018
Saw McCaskill this morning
Akihn 23.10.2018
He already upvoted himself twice from another browser
Shaktigore 27.10.2018
So, you're not a 0 then.
Mezim 31.10.2018
I can never decide if i'm decisive or laid back O_o
Dailkree 02.11.2018
Who said anything about destroying them? Who said about not fighting desperately to help them? You would be doing nothing of the kind. It would be like letting your child face the death penalty if he were Adolf Hitler. Is there a point where you fail to come up with any reasonable excuses for them? It's their choice. The only person you can ultimately control is yourself.
Tygobar 06.11.2018
Epi. Oh that was a good jab. You are a clever, observant and precocious one., me thinks.
Nikoktilar 12.11.2018
Well I'm more asking what qualifies as big (last sentence)
Tygomi 18.11.2018
I was using single books when I used the term Gospel. The book that gives the name of the city gets other events in the same era out of order. So as a source to pin point the city to before the books writing in the late 70's its not one you can use.
Tygot 19.11.2018
Christianity is about 600 years older than Islam. That's 600 years of maturing and adding wisdom.
Doull 26.11.2018
I made some friends online during my message board days, and if given the chance to meet any one of them, I would - but I would bring my husband as well.
Arall 29.11.2018
Nope. Not going to join you in this dance. Check the links if you feel like it, or not.
Magrel 05.12.2018
Again, Ted, this is not a disagreement over an opinion.
Telabar 11.12.2018
I see his facts have ripped you a new asshole, and are, what do you call it?
Arashira 17.12.2018
Trump is dumb.
Vomi 27.12.2018
As most Jews take it.
Mooguhn 01.01.2019
Takes a while to name all living things, especially once they start evolving.
Shakagore 01.01.2019
The size of the human brain is too small to comprehend such large universe forces! So the religious invented their "god and company" in human image and invested him with all human passions and prejudices.
Shanos 07.01.2019
On the other side of that, I get irritated by the people who think that pro-choice women are all "MOAR ABORTIONS" and "WE HATE TEH BABIES"
Tuzil 16.01.2019
Any change, what both sides have been doing got us to this point..


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