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I do not need to proof that I exist. I am speaking to you.

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What does hardcore mean
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Dourr 01.04.2018
I think my wife is on the way, the job is pretty chill.
Zugul 11.04.2018
But you don't understand! Children should take responsibility for gun use! Unlike their parents, or strangers, etc...
Zulkiran 22.04.2018
En. How about a spinach souffle or some in a salad.
Aranris 27.04.2018
very likely. it might also be worth pointing out that god himself would be pro choice. he may lay down the occasional law, but aside from hardening pharaohs heart, he tends to be opposed to taking away free will. it seems rather presumptuous of his children to try to take away the free will of women, where god himself wouldn't, ostensibly.
Grojind 03.05.2018
The Italians and Irish, as you previously mentioned, where European Christians. Big difference.
Faesida 08.05.2018
Good use of "ordain" as a verb.
Mausho 17.05.2018
Thanks for sharing your opinion.
Nelmaran 20.05.2018
You can deem it "unnecessary" although I'm not convinced such a position is sufficiently justified. The subjective "mind" factor leaves a lot of wiggle room.
Dibei 29.05.2018
He did choose to. And he was a sacrifice, a martyr and then he was resurrected.
Gogor 04.06.2018
facts - sorry
Jugor 09.06.2018
Ford is being sued for malfeasance as we speak.
Tygoshakar 16.06.2018
Channel bashing will not go well for you Cherry. Feel free to go back to whatever channel you were previously trolling.
Faekazahn 23.06.2018
I see no reason to think that the miscarried zygotes did not have souls just because they fell to unfortunate circumstances, or that (if you believe that way) that God failed to have a purpose in allowing it to happen (or even causing it to happen, if you believe that way). Still doesn't change what I said that the first creation story in Genesis 1 doesn't even mention God breathing into Adam (so could have been another origin story combined by an editor into Genesis with the second one, perhaps), and neither one mention Eve breathing (though obviously she did, as a human being). Spurgeon was a Calvinist who believed that there would be more elect than non-elect, and if I'm not mistaken, it was because of statistics like you mention coupled with his belief that no non-elect person ever dies in infancy judging from what I read, to make such an assertion. For myself, I don't even need a Bible to tell me that pregnant humans tend to produce humans, and the only real question is, will the human ever become (or be allowed to become) viable or not.
Kazrarisar 27.06.2018
LOL, show me where it shows that on the goverment vote site.
Vudonos 03.07.2018
12 years of demtard guvs and 30 years of demtards running Springfield.
Tygoshura 10.07.2018
Where does the First Amendment exclude business owners?
Tatilar 15.07.2018
Playing a monster onscreen representation of a monster irl is nothing new. It is how we get movies based on WWII, some actor played the part of Hitler too. The only thing I dont like is that if the movie doesnt actually show the horrors of the monster been portrayed and actually try to romanticize / normalize it then I am against the whole movie all together.
Arataur 25.07.2018
Oh. How many do you know?
Tojagar 29.07.2018
I gave you facts, you goalposl shifted
Shaktilrajas 05.08.2018
Is carbon dating more or less accurate than the Earth's date of 6,000 years estimated by creationists?
Shakajas 10.08.2018
Beautiful, funny, intelligent, and a phlegm green car! Where have you been?
Tygogor 12.08.2018
the landlady on the unbreakable kimmy schmist, has a framing hammer as a key chain.. and although its funny, i think its a good idea. im very big on preparing for the worst, so that you can be pleasantly suprised when good things happen,, but are ready if bad happens. i would think phone conversations,, facebook, allkinds of things will let yo get a feel of on line freinds. opposite sex freinds are an even bigger risk
Sasida 18.08.2018
I would totally support religious freedom and individual freedom as long as the behavior does not intrude on the freedom of others.
Tygoramar 26.08.2018
You're awfully brainwashed if that's what you believe.
Tausar 02.09.2018
Trump's "racist?" Could've fooled me.
Grosida 07.09.2018
No, they knew all about it and covered it up. They helped them steal the data because they hate 'merica and dear leader the Trump. /s
Jujar 16.09.2018
Here is a very respectful list of various scholars who have stated that Jesus Christ never existed: M. M. Mangasarian, Bruno Bauer, Edward Carperter, Albert Kaltoff, Ryner Couchoud, Charles Virolleaud, Thomas Thompson, G.R.S. Mead, Tom Harpur, Georg Brandes, Raymond O. Faulkner,John M. Robertson, Thomas Paine, Emil Felden, J.C. Stendel, Emilio Bossi, Arthur Drews, Theodor Gaster, Kersey Graves, W.B. Smith, Robert Price, Gerald Massey, Gerard Bolland, Samuel Lublinski, Alvin Boyd Kuhn, Edwin Johnson, Timothy Freke, Raymond Martin, Raphael Lataster, Richard Carrier, Godfrey Higgins, Joseph Leidner, Earl Doherty, James George Frazier, Thomas William Doane, David Fideler and wait for it..... Abraham Lincoln
Tesho 21.09.2018
And nepotism ... Trump made Mrs. McMahon the U.S. Administrator of the Small Business Administration.
Voodooshura 29.09.2018
That's only one of the articles. I do agree DM is bs, but it's validated elsewhere. In 2011, two physicists won the NPP for their work showing the Universe is accelerating (that's when the craze was all about dark energy). Now it's either expanding at a consistent rate, or slowing down.
Totaxe 05.10.2018
How about moms who are single, and have been convicted of a crime, and are sent to prison? Or moms who are pregnant when they are sentenced and jailed? Their babies are taken away from them. Where is the compassion?
Mauzil 11.10.2018
Do not be obtuse. You are much smarter than this. I have observed you and know how you interact with others.
Nikorisar 19.10.2018
Those drinks were freaking delicious


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