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Thank you for your thoughts, Praedrus. I know it can be alot to take in. Perhaps I am wrong in my assumption that Jesus' return could be as simple as the conversion to christianity. But what if Im right? The Jews are still looking for their messiah, after approximately 6000 yrs of waiting. Jesus' return was expected to happen within the lifetime of his followers. This is true, but still the church waits, 2000 yrs later. I believe my theory deserves at least a thought or a moments consideration. If todays church had half of the commitment to love and serve that the early church had in spades, we would be a power to contend with. Instead, we look to the clouds and expect a futuristic return of God in the flesh, all the while calling ourselves the Body of Christ, but not believing it. The church has fallen on hard times. We are not what God expects us to be. If we could only embrace the figurative return of Christ as a done deal, I think it would change the world we live in. ???????

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Grobei 21.06.2018
All my Islamic neighbors are not suicide bombers and many of the ladies dress like most other women possibly wearing head scarfs. NYC has always been a melting pot with occasionally bumps but everyone adapts eventually.
Juzuru 22.06.2018
Damn you and your optimism!! I'm gonna need you to be bitter, a bitter man hating Debbie Downer full of cynicism and misandry!!
Kijar 30.06.2018
If you demonstrate this kind of attitude and vocabulary to me, I wouldn't constrain my reaction to refusing service. There are other means to teach people manners.
Nikogrel 09.07.2018
Its funny how many on the left labels everyone with an opposing point of view a "bigot". The word has lost all of its meaning.
Kigam 11.07.2018
Like one little bastard sneezed on my lasagna. I still know where the little fvcker lives.
Bacage 15.07.2018
It's a NYC classic! :)
Taunris 16.07.2018
It all depends on the wording of the contract. If the contract stated that the entire price would be 300 without mentioning any additional fees, then it is on the photographer, and that person deserved a scathing yelp review. If the contract clearly stated that the 300 was a deposit, and that additional fees would apply, then it is on the customer. If the deposit is listed as non refundable in the contract, unfortunately the customer is ass out.
Daisida 19.07.2018
The thing that should worry you is that the same nations would be just as likely to put holy hypocrites like you to death for your "Jeezus Jihad."
Gura 27.07.2018
you are both pretty much proclaiming the entire history and culture of islam to be deficient
Zolozragore 01.08.2018
We are all familiar with the sad desperation of those that run these sort of risks.
Malabar 07.08.2018
Dot 10.08.2018
You aren't ready for "The Son of the return of Monday" being released next week?
Zukora 11.08.2018
Well you will be happy to know then that these lasers, while literally as an aggregate are the most powerful ever developed are not used as weapons and I don?t actually get my hands on the nuclear weapons . Just do testing to maintain them.
Basida 15.08.2018
because this article writer is trying to justify religious mutilation of the body with science. This article writer is known to do this.
Zoloshura 17.08.2018
I can support whomever I want. I am responsible for me and only me. So long as my behavior irl aligns with Christs teachings what does Trump have to do with that?
Goltikus 25.08.2018
You are regurgitating and projecting.
JoJojar 02.09.2018
You are absolutely correct, Mr. Reasoner!
Dujora 11.09.2018
I heard he leaves the toilet seat up too.
Vojar 12.09.2018
^^^ Truth ^^^
Akimuro 21.09.2018
Children are not ideologies. Children are PEOPLE!
Yotaxe 27.09.2018
Why Miss Loretta! You seem to be quite taken with this girly-man. You have to wonder if you are attracted to a feminine man if what you are really attracted to are girls.
Vujas 07.10.2018
If they didn't do anything, why are they feeling guilty?
Mikagar 14.10.2018
the vertical pipes on old sewers is lead sometimes,,, and always remember to put a good water filter in front of any tankless heater. the sediment can ruin it in a couple of years..
Yozshum 15.10.2018
I'm not really sure what you are trying to say here...
Nikonos 18.10.2018
I have never had a problem with creation. I surely don't understand it which is why my concept centers around a god that creates. To be, being here and now, it is the simplest answer to how we got here. I surely don't go with the 6000 years concept but with the scientific concept that is actually being able to be proved.
Nisho 27.10.2018
He's not at all confused. He may be a Polish nationalist, a backer of one of the overseas groups Bannon and the alt-right are still trying to bring to power...including our ambassador to Germany, who may end up being expelled.
Goltik 30.10.2018
They can sacrifice them, but can't violate animal cruelty laws.
Kazirr 01.11.2018
I do not no why you presume that.
Yozragore 06.11.2018
splitting hairs. We are socialised to ignore the spirit mind, and defying that expectation is punished by being dismissed as a lunatic. Making sense of what we are and our real circumstance is opposed by most religions, governments and petty tyrants. Not easy, not any part of it.


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