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Doubar 19.05.2018
Been all kinds of gremlins on here lately. Appreciate your effort, though! ;-)
Jubar 26.05.2018
But your still gonna jump his bones right?
Kazigal 27.05.2018
If atheists new half as much about religion as they think they do they would be the smartest people on earth. Unfortunately, what they think they know is mostly wrong.
Jugul 02.06.2018
Most mainstream Christians would call the WBC a bunch of Narrow minded gits. Or, at least in the south, would say "Bless their hearts" which kind of means the same thing. They don;t condone the actions of the WBC at all
Mooguzragore 03.06.2018
a lot of people looked at being lefthanded as being possessed by the devil, or a mental disorder!!!
Megami 09.06.2018
Exactly and thanks for reminding me. I had forgotten about the turtle eggs. When you have a book it is easy to believe.
Shakasar 10.06.2018
I am the same person
Dajora 12.06.2018
Well, you said your boyfriend cheated on you, yet your post is about rude friends and needing new ones. I'm just confused.
Kegore 21.06.2018
Totally agree with you on the 1st part. Just once I'd like to vote for someone instead against.
Dout 22.06.2018
Stalking from the comfort of home.
Mikakora 28.06.2018
You got any Proof?
Vogor 05.07.2018
Kleo, you really are stupid.
Meztinris 12.07.2018
But he was white and only killed black people, so...
Mom 15.07.2018
So you would understand that it is ok your children are dying a horrible vicious death because 'god says so"?
Mukinos 19.07.2018
Maybe that's why they lose you: they're too high in intellectual quality for you to follow.
Gurisar 25.07.2018
Gingers have no souls.
Meztizuru 28.07.2018
the fact you are 'old' and are willing to keep learning... KUDOS!!
Dazilkree 04.08.2018
uh, they're not new.
Grogore 06.08.2018
First it is important to state that you will never get anything from reading the Bible and will have wrong ideas about it [as in the OP] when you have no
Vuzuru 15.08.2018
yes! i have that too... and yay! when i've gotten sunburnt [lol there is a secret underground of black/brown girls that get sunburnt and peel!] I like peeling it off. when i did the foot peel, girrrrrl... i felt like a snake and i would just sit there for hours every day pulling the dead skin off of my feet.
Kagall 21.08.2018
I've always thought the idea of saints was pretty strange. Granted, there are some people who have lived their lives in powerful ways in submission to Christ, but I don't think the "saints" should be glorified, nor do I think they would want it. We are called to bring glory to God, not to ourselves, and I think that glorifying saints would be a misdirection of this.
Durisar 29.08.2018
Of course He was. What a silly thing to say.
Vill 03.09.2018
What's next is: Enforce the Law!
Narr 09.09.2018
Emancipate Muslim women from their current status as one species above a goat and they will drag the backwards patriarchal system of fanatical Islam into the 21st century. We need more women like Asra Nomani and Ayan Hirsi Ali.
Tausida 10.09.2018
I'll take that as confirmation that you have no evidence that any of that bullshit is even remotely true.
Samukus 14.09.2018
I can't agree on this one.
Zugul 19.09.2018
I did ask why. I asked why society would want to promote an activity that presents a greater risk of deadly disease than smoking does.


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