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The Sight Of Beautiful Woman

Dani Loves to Trib

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Dani Loves to Trib

Liz Wojan now staring at her mother her eyes wide open and her breathing was quickening rapidly. She ran and ran but she couldn't stop herself from slowing.

They were laughing, joking swearing and mocking her. Anyway he told me his old locker number and that the combination was the last four digits of our phone number.

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False. Its a safety and hygiene issue. It would be like arguing people have a right to TIG weld anywhere they wish. Their god given right to TIG weld shall not be infringed lol

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The Sight Of Beautiful Woman
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Kisar 01.09.2018
How many times must this argument be debunked before people stop saying such nonsense?
Kagakree 09.09.2018
If all of it is meant to be fully, literally true, yet some of it has been shown to be literally false, what's the takeaway?
Nezuru 10.09.2018
Most pathetic post of the week. Congratulations.
Moogurg 12.09.2018
And yet they still had tariffs imposed on them.
Kazikus 17.09.2018
The cases you know. Not all cases are like that. And even then, the cases you know didn't turn them gay from being molested. Jesus Christ, you really think it happens that way?
Mezitaur 17.09.2018
Oh, and Sir Tainley, if you are still gathering responses to this thread, here's the other rage-inducing thing about online religious conversations: believers can literally advocate laws handing you the death penalty, then come online and go "Whut I do?" like Kevin55, a.k.a pastor Kevin Swanson, who added his voice to the chorus of right-wing voices approving Uganda's kill-the-gays bill. Here's him proclaiming that the only reason we don't have a similar law in the US is lack of political opportunity:


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