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Yeah, religion is a small part of it, but I'm not for allowing child abuse at all, whether for religious reasons or not. The problem is that religious people have often been excused. Where one family would have the children taken away for not seeking medical treatment, another family would be told "well that's your religious freedom."

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Teen help privacy policy
Teen help privacy policy
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JoJodal 18.04.2018
Im still trying to figure out what recent mass shooting was caried out in the name of jesus.
Jurisar 28.04.2018
If objective morality exists then we cannot know it. Such value would necessarily be intrinsic to an objective reality outside ourselves, and we seemingly have no way to observe intrinsic value outside ourselves. Which means that objective morality, if and however it should exist, is pretty moot as far as practical considerations go.
Kamuro 03.05.2018
Except, of course, it dosn't work at all.
Tozil 10.05.2018
"Being a sinner is not a sin. Sinning is a sin." -- LOL.
Tausida 15.05.2018
I don't think the casualties will be highly numbered on the Right. We have the guns, the rednecks, and the money... they have a bunch of transtrender beta males who are afraid of guns, have never been in a fist fight, and some fat, blue-haired feminazis who can't catch you if you walk away because they risk burning a calorie. If it's a war of screaming, crying, and being really brave and mouthy on the interwebz, though, they might stand a chance.
Dujar 16.05.2018
You are not grasping the allowing of religious exemptions will bring back the "No blacks", "no females" and all kinds of discrimination as its the very same legal argument.
Nazilkree 23.05.2018
"What do you say about Mary's age and role through her biblical life?"
Mokora 28.05.2018
Those brilliant Founders were the only founders who pulled that garbage. It brought us the wonders of Benjamin Harrison, George W. Bush and Trump. The Tyranny of the Minority was probably their biggest mistake.
Zugor 31.05.2018
Agreed. But my church gives us actual church finance updates during the service
Dounos 04.06.2018
I'm going to defend the Dad. It's not Biblical because men had long hair then, too. Dad's just hate seeing you grow up. They know growing up means, moving away and leaving them. Extremely long hair is more of a little girl thing. They don't want to see you look like a teen anymore than they want to see you drive a car. It's human and I'd rather have a dad who got upset over stuff like this than the ones who really don't care at all. I think in 2018 sometimes we expect too much from our loved ones.
Gagami 13.06.2018
And I am showing YOU how far back these pedophile crimes of your church goes. Your first Pope was an admitted, disgusting pedophile. Half your Popes up until the 1,500's practiced pedophilia.
Vuzuru 18.06.2018
You always throw out Liberal bias, but when called out, you climb back on the fence and use the Veteran's protection clause; Either you're a fraud or your liberal wife should get her own account.
Mautaur 24.06.2018
Sure there was..... especially the one you didn't respond to LOL! I know it was a toughie.
Dadal 28.06.2018
According to whom do you make that claim?
Tesida 30.06.2018
Math quizzes sux at my age... LOL
Magal 06.07.2018
Round two! Fight!
Kajimi 16.07.2018
Bingo, yes -- agreed! :-)


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