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REGARDING YOUR EARLIER COMMENT! I assuming you didn't look up enough, clearly the ancients in your mind are supposedly primitive man mired in the mundane life, If you had looked for it you would've found that about 3000 years ago some Gnostics declared that ALL IS ENERGY clearly nothing different from what Einstein discovered when he wrote his most famous equation E=mc2( sorry cannot make it in a square). Yes, we do understand very well as to how the universe is organised but we don't really understand why is it organised as it is now do we? Given that there is no intelligent creator behind the creation of the universe, how is it that you suppose the universe is so perfectly made? Why not an irrational one? Why a universe at all is what i'm asking you, do you get it? Everybody has their own versions of how the universe came to be, but why did the singularity happened? What forced it? Was is it so inevitable and if so why? In your second statement you say that the laws of the universe are just descriptions of the universe and how it operates... Really? Are they not Integral in the functioning and organisation of universe? And since scientists say everything is made of matter, what are the laws themselves? Are they matter or are they a second substance? So the the universe is now made of matter and a second substance? Do you understand what you're saying? As for consciousness you ought to look up some people who believe we're living in an illusion(MAYA). But what really interests me is your understanding of the fact that perhaps nothing can't exist... Beyond that if you so choose to delve in the ambiguous nature of our existence due to the current scientific paradigm go to

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Slang for big penis
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Kagajind 30.04.2018
The Mainstream Media has been proven to be dishonest and false in their reporting time and tIme again
Durr 07.05.2018
I don't have faith in math ; )
Nikogul 14.05.2018
Well, I asked for examples of openmindedness.
Mazuru 17.05.2018
That final part is what is called the "no true Scotsman..." fallacy.
Kik 20.05.2018
And you'll be waiting for it longer than Abraham and Sarah had to wait for Isaac.
Nikorisar 23.05.2018
Care to point out any falsehoods, illogic and irrationality in Epicurean pariah's post?
Tojajinn 02.06.2018
And I like spinach now. Hated in then and didn't care about Popeye's opinion.
Kazrasida 11.06.2018
Communism, a system where all comrades are equal, except some are more equal than others.
Doujind 18.06.2018
I read an article about Mark Wahlberg over the weekend and I'm upset about it.
Kazrataur 21.06.2018
You can also get peanuts and corn on your dong.
Meztikora 29.06.2018
God Bless you!
Gardajinn 04.07.2018
Secular education has been happening for a few decades now in both public schools and universities. I am curious to what you mean when you say 'better.'
Melkree 06.07.2018
Yep. stinky feet cheese. All REAL cheese is good. Then there is the "processed cheese food" junk. And i have seen "burger slices" which is artificial cheese created from vegetable oils and chemicals and colouring, and formed into square slices.
Baktilar 08.07.2018
Did you not watch the video? There is plenty of evidence linking different species together. That you ignore it doesn't make it not exist. You might as well be saying there is no evidence of gravity.
Kashicage 16.07.2018
President Trump has never been anti-gay, but he will allow this all to happen in order for him to get what HE wants.
Dushicage 18.07.2018
This post is about Christianity.
Mezil 23.07.2018
C'mon dean! Really? Do you honestly think he was trying to post that as a 'summation of truth'? I think a vast majority of us recognized that as a post of political satire. Cheers!
Zololmaran 26.07.2018
One is consensual, the other is not.
Docage 30.07.2018
Says the fundie.
Kajiran 31.07.2018
To tRump and his tRump-riders, that makes perfect sense!
Arakazahn 10.08.2018
What is your strong argument?
JoJojar 15.08.2018
Then I rest my case. How is it that you've read the entire Bible and found zero examples of God's mercy?
Kajirg 21.08.2018
Again, that is how I interpret what you said. If I am mistaken, you are free to clarify, and explain how what you stated is different from my interpretation.
Kazilkis 24.08.2018
Only place I go that is pretty much all one gender is the local game store, which is basically dudes only. This isn't a rule or anything, but it is very 'simpson's comic book guy'. Like, if a lady showed up I'd be wincing, because the cringiest romeos of the place would be all over her in a hurry.
Grolmaran 27.08.2018
That is merely your opinion, and is irrelevant to this discussion.
JoJosida 01.09.2018
You should go live in the wild side of this world that the best place for you because you'll learn from YOUR MISTAKES, sucker, want a sucker, to suck, disgusting isn't it, to be put yourself open to the world for them to see the warped mind. Thinking I'm living in lalaland. Try it, it might suit your style. never know, what's going to hit you in the head, and they'll all shout WAKE UP, it's time, 10pm your time, uh?
Voodoolkis 02.09.2018
Tell us about what the "whole World" thinks, lefty moron! We need a bit of a laugh!
Tahn 03.09.2018
I thought that was the purpose of Oral anyway. ;)
Gardadal 06.09.2018
As I said, regardless of the number.....
Yozshugor 14.09.2018
I imagine that these extremists are similar to the Social Injustice Warriors who sent thousands of death threats to Obama and his family. If you had a point, what might it have been?


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