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Sinceer from flavor of love nude
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Jutaxe 08.06.2018
If this is your criteria then your god concept is proven false. It is completely possible to measure the wind and to prove that the wind is air in motion.
Jutaxe 17.06.2018
Ever seen an albino spider?
Malanos 20.06.2018
Clearly you are unfamiliar with the Song of Songs.
Meramar 27.06.2018
Maybe I shouldn't, but I was repeating what I heard on the news. That wasn't a video. But I did see the video of him saying that we needed more immigrants from Norway. Now, first he says we have a problem with too many immigrants. Now he wants more from white countries? Most white countries in Europe are Social Democracies. They already have free education and health care and unemployment security etc. Those are better places to live. Why would they come here? I worked in law enforcement for US immigration for twenty years. Most white countries are participants in the Visa Waiver Program. Their citizens only need a passport to come here legally. They are permitted to stay for up to ninety days. Many just never leave and become out of status. That is illegal. How often do you hear about that issue?
Dojinn 03.07.2018
Under President Trump?s leadership, Congress passed historic tax cuts and relief for hard-working Americans. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act:
Niktilar 04.07.2018
What do you take it to mean when it says "the heavens" when the context is dealing with the changing of earth from a dark wet planet to the upcoming narrative? I take it to be describing the universe and its contents, including stars, solar systems and galaxies, specifically mentioning "the earth" in its form, thereby setting the stage for the description of what is being done to the earth in the next verses.
Dukinos 06.07.2018
I've made the same point a few times. Imma still waiting for some of the same folks that are here posting their outrage....again....to give a civil answer. I doubt I'll ever get either an answer of that it will be civil......go figger.
Faubar 14.07.2018
Of your idiot president?
Zuluran 20.07.2018
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Meztiran 24.07.2018
And, you keep misrepresenting my argument...straw man someone else.
Sagar 31.07.2018
Well, there was the time I took a Unisom and ended up staying awake for 2 days, does that count?
Tarn 05.08.2018
Maybe you need to open up your third eye...
Mogore 06.08.2018
That she forgot to return my handcuffs.


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