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Their parents did not want to keep their child hooked on a machine, they wanted to go elsewhere. In the case of Charlie, the parents had the means to move their child.

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Melrajas 22.06.2018
Oh it has to be Camembert with broken crackers :p
Kejind 28.06.2018
That is your opinion
Tektilar 08.07.2018
Your post would make sense if you define what you mean by supernatural. Let me guess: is it something that you cannot explain using the fundamental principles?
Volkree 13.07.2018
How many times within the last 50 years or so has Black Flag had to change its formulae and why? Care to account for nylonase and superbugs? Ever heard of the e coli experiment which is still going on after over a decade? What about Dr. Endler's work on guppies? Care to cite any examples of successive gradual changes in biological entities incapable of leading to speciation?
Kegal 19.07.2018
gees dude, I gave you guys a link to read up.
Tauk 26.07.2018
Just as offensive.
Nekora 31.07.2018
You think that because you don't understand the point of the thread. Please, there's no need to lash out just bc you don't understand. I know that can be frustrating. Maybe it's best to just check out some other thread that's a bit easier to follow?
Dourn 05.08.2018
Thats not surprising. I think Jester is pretty unstable when he doesn't have the right amount of THC in his system.
Mazunos 11.08.2018
Most private and government sponsored plans cover sterilization. Should someone get themselves sterilized because they aren't ready for children...yet? All to soothe anti abortion activists' anguish?
Akinohn 12.08.2018
Perhaps you ought to rethink why you're here.
Kazratilar 13.08.2018
Please be safe and aware of your surroundings.
Kigakasa 17.08.2018
When you can show me that you go to god instead of a doctor for appendicitis, then you can tell me all about why religion has any business in healthcare decisions.
Dinris 24.08.2018
Sagan said it in an interview in 1996.
Samut 25.08.2018
Only one Draymon three game suspension, a Curry hearth attack and KD cranial aneurism away for a 7 game series
Voodooshura 27.08.2018
Engineering is actually a challenging field of study for most and it leads to a lot of jobs with high responsibility and long hours. Again, please give me an example of a job that doesn't require effort.
Kat 01.09.2018
Shame you haven't acquired the skill, for if you had, you could point to Bryan's alleged allusion to Bishop Ussher and his claim to a young earth rather than attempting to double down on your lies.
Nakinos 10.09.2018
They asked him to come when they ordered the pizza.
Gokus 19.09.2018
Alright. 17,000 Pharisee rhinoceroses (Rhinoceri? Rhinocerotes? Rhinocerontes? Rhinos!) have been high priests of Israel in heaven for a nanosecond each. Disprove it.
Volrajas 29.09.2018
So do I.
Jurg 08.10.2018
don't need to , it's not my problem but those who do not receive Him.
Gardagor 14.10.2018
Seriously? And this is all supposedly passing moderation??? If a theist said anything close, any one of the 8 atheist moderators would jump on him!
Kajigal 21.10.2018
You don't understand atheist. True, we don't believe in God. But many of us arrived at that non belief by questioning things. Religion provokes one to ask questions. What are we in denial of? Certainly not an imaginary God. Most of us are readers. We have read the Bible since it is always being shoved in our faces. That book confirms for many of us, that there is no God. You should look deeper into things, before you draw conclusions.
Zologore 29.10.2018
Since Atheists in general tend not to report as Atheist, the numbers are always subject to error. Women do seem to have a problem admitting they are Atheists; I think for the same reasons Irrevenant points out.
Mazulkis 08.11.2018
I was a born-again Christian until I read it cover to cover.
Samugore 14.11.2018
So where does consciousness come form in your opinion?
Zologore 21.11.2018
In this thread it seems Christians will find their true Identity. Jesus. I for one already found it. Just stay with us. Even if you do not believe in Us. We have been ordained by our Father to Love you no matter you believe or not. So you do not need to believe to be part of the Family. You are already. That is now from our side only. No force.
Fenrihn 28.11.2018
To NC I hope :) :)
Vilabar 04.12.2018
We should do a thread about husband/wife material and "tests" to see if they are. Tehe!


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