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I dont recall Republicans burning down Seattle. And the Obama WAR on cops shootings you cant blame on Republicans either

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Sexy blck fat women pictures
Sexy blck fat women pictures
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So are birds dinosaur family?
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It tastes vanilla
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I bet you aren?t capable of reading more than a couple of sentences. ??
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Of course you don't, that's why people talk to therapists. Well, except for Narcissists since they cannot ever be convinced that anything they think, say, or do might have been problematic or counted as evidence of some sort of underlying psychological issue.
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Correct, and the article didn't provide an image of the shooter because they can't. Heck the article doesn't even state the shooter was a boy even though other articles do apparently.
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Anti Depressants are behind the rise and I do not need any medical study to confirm this. Took them for one week 15 years ago and my head still feels the effect


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