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Heh. Another moron who has relegated the shooter and Democrat James Hodgkinson to the memory hole.

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Vuktilar 20.05.2018
Because Kanye is an idiot. He never deserved those followers to begin with, he's not that talented and the only reason he's even doing the trump crap is likely because he feeds off of the negativity. Same reason he made an ass out of himself with what's her face at the Grammys.
Narn 27.05.2018
Andrew doesnt care he is not a US citizen.
Tahn 03.06.2018
I was so worried.
Vudomi 11.06.2018
Only if North LA, otherwise closer to me.
Dukinos 21.06.2018
I read the same article. You really felt for her.
Moogudal 29.06.2018
You're boring and cheap.
Nall 03.07.2018
What3ver fanatical literalist.
Togis 09.07.2018
i bought something from amazon online. from kansas, say. it took over a month, and it was the wrong part. and as of yet ,ive never been able to get any one to respond to me. a 40 dollar paperweight for all it does for me. [i hates them]
Arall 18.07.2018
No one wants to believe they are the only ones that were conned. If everyone gets conned, then there is contentment with the con. See....everyone believes it.
Arataxe 27.07.2018
And you have similar explanation for the firstborn Egyptians, the children that mocked a prophet, those people stoned for sins we wouldn't consider crimes today and, maybe, even abortion doctors murdered by Christians today?
Tanos 03.08.2018
Never been one for parameters . Got to think outside the thought box
Kazrakus 10.08.2018
"what kind of medical sadists are you?"
Daikazahn 19.08.2018
My housekeeper snapped her key and it got stuck the lock, so I had to put a new deadbolt on the front door.
Vudojora 27.08.2018
65,000 texts? She definitely had NOTHING to do that day. Lol. I think it's a mix of chemical imbalances, and the fact that some people REALLY just CANNOT handle rejection.
Daile 30.08.2018
Said by someone who just joined in December 2017. Bwahahahaha.
Yozshur 03.09.2018
Actually you are not talking about North America. Just the US. Canada is more relatable to England.
Jurisar 05.09.2018
There is always the BOSS God when there are multiple gods. They're called "expansions of God" in Hinduism.
Najinn 15.09.2018
Of course you say that. Fact is, gradualism only exists on paper like we've been saying. Evo biologists are giving up on that process but you wont accept it. Now, this....yet you wont accept it. Its fine.
Zujinn 25.09.2018
Did you read it?
Mezijinn 04.10.2018
I have the same sentiments
Tarisar 13.10.2018
"Thou shalt not buy, sell, or own another person."
Makus 16.10.2018
How? The resurrection negates the sacrifice. Jesus was the sacrifice so if God took him back, the sacrifice is gone. What do mean completes the sacrifice?


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