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lol That person just wants to argue. If you disprove one of their points, they make a leap to argue some other point.

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New york adult movies
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Malazuru 14.08.2018
Upholding the tradition:
Mern 23.08.2018
Doing well, Bishop. How are you enjoying your Duth/German American month? ;-)
Nalkis 25.08.2018
The positive arguments always end up being negative in that they must be used to counter a positive arguement
Morr 01.09.2018
Bewbs are always the problem
Mikahn 01.09.2018
Because that would be unbelievable, USMC!
Kazrakus 07.09.2018
Again, wrong. The terrorism will be here, you think that ISIS can't recruit in America, especially as you have just pissed off every Muslim American? I am familiar with all 3 of the Abrahamic religions, and they all can lead to terrorism. And they do.
Shakazil 14.09.2018
Are those really the only emotions you have? Anger and indifference?
Tojarn 16.09.2018
a lot of speculation based on myths rather than facts


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