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Plotinus. ... and that is the answer to life, the universe and everything.

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My girl friends mom
My girl friends mom
My girl friends mom
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Tojajora 22.02.2018
You aren't from another planet. But I am not sure its fair to compare how you feel about your own wedding to other people's.
Gogis 25.02.2018
I've said this many times over the past yrs. & I would even include administering a lie detector test's to all of those accusers involved in the case especially to all those bringing in the She said / He said cases. Especially when they have no physical evidence / proof of any kind, that would eliminate most of BS in such cases & the wasting of taxpayers $$$!
Zulkijin 07.03.2018
The reality is, there are certain individuals that see this as an opportunity to advance a political or ideological agenda, and as such, if a solution is enacted that actually fixes the problem, they loose political capital which gives them leverage in pushing their agenda.
Moogur 08.03.2018
It was Christians that strongly stood behind both freedom for blacks &
Zujind 18.03.2018
LS is not a hook up site.
Salar 24.03.2018
Old testament covenant does not apply to Christians. Christ said the faithful have NO NEED of material "things". that they should sell it all and give the money to the poor without asking "What shall I eat or what shall I drink" because to even ask those questions shows you have no faith in God. Please just stop now.
Shakajar 25.03.2018
Sometimes it is, especially if there should be evidence.
Turisar 31.03.2018
Just because you're incapable of doing what's required of you in Matt 28:19 doesn't allow you to push the monkey onto my back.
Nikolar 01.04.2018
No blood on my hands. Did you see my name on any of that?
Sara 04.04.2018
In other words, you can't, which makes you a fraud.
Kazrahn 06.04.2018
What's the red wave? A blood bath of ousted Republican congress members?
Saran 08.04.2018
Christians in general put answers in my mouth. If you're an exception...you're the first I've come across here.
Akinobei 18.04.2018
The government produces money and agreements. Two of the most important products in our society. One could say that management doesn't produce anything either but coordination and direction is very valuable.
Mimi 19.04.2018
Of course being Atheist (or Theist) does not grant such with knowledge in science. THAT would involve taking courses or studying the various branches of interest. So my first question might be: what is an Atheist "theory"?
Vukasa 25.04.2018
So is evolution. It is NOT corroborated by science. Just assumptions, speculations, and lies.
Moogucage 25.04.2018
Unsure yet. We still don't know. It isn't choice, nor how one is raised.
Mugal 04.05.2018
Going in at noon sucks, incidentally. I can't really get much done in the mornings because I live out in BFE, so I normally just end up burning up the morning until it is time to leave.
Kazratilar 08.05.2018
Statistically you are less likely to be divorced because vast majority of atheists are middle age and older white men. Women don?t like you
Yojas 12.05.2018
Can we also discuss heterophobia?
Nikozil 19.05.2018
You don?t even know that generation Y is hard core conservative????
Malaramar 26.05.2018
He doesn?t owe her an apology. She is an adult woman that chose to let Bill blow it on her blue dress.
Vokus 30.05.2018
Maybe the other nations were jealous of his Wisdom?
Negul 04.06.2018
You are a waste of sperm, it seems.
Kajizshura 09.06.2018
Do you have any idea of what you are talking about?
Shaktilkis 15.06.2018
Scalia is dead so is not CURRENTLY serving, and I am not sure if you know this or not, but the SCOTUS rule based on the Constitution. Their religious beliefs are not a factor. That is if they are at ALL ethical.
Vile 18.06.2018
I sure hope we don't get a sequel.


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