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We've already covered most of this. Your argument has been that Canada did not confederate until after the War of 1812.

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Gardashura 11.05.2018
We've repeatedly asked theists to provide the actual evidence that their myths are real. So far, not a single solitary theist has provided any actual evidence to support any myth being real .
Kigalar 22.05.2018
It's like mold...I keep spraying it with the hate-bleach and it keeps coming back.
Fenridal 24.05.2018
You can keep repeating this a hundred ways Stallion, were never going to agree. Take a break.
Kelkis 28.05.2018
So the left is uncivil back. Why is the left better?
Tojakree 31.05.2018
Google sees what you do. Keep it up and you'll go blind.
Kajirisar 01.06.2018
There is no test to be a Christian. And you?re missing the point. If they believe in god then they are not atheists.
Akikinos 07.06.2018
That's exactly what you said... who knows what you think you were implying.
Tolar 11.06.2018
The Great Yogi also said
Mikarr 15.06.2018
Adams wasn't an atheist...
Gardalabar 19.06.2018
She moves out of Queens Park in Toronto to her new castle estate in Germany.
Kazrashakar 23.06.2018
And he needs to keep it to himself without telling people to shut up when they show the errors in Christianity- I cannot help he has no hope other than a man being his blood sacrifice! I?ll continue to point out the error in Christianity
Shamuro 27.06.2018
Go back and read my prior responses for your answer, troll.
Togar 05.07.2018
well said Yvonne.
Moogushicage 13.07.2018
On the open thread or on the channel?
JoJozragore 16.07.2018
I call stuff like Turkey Bacon "Fake-on" It's not bad tasting, it can be good. BUT.. it's still Fake-on.
Sadal 19.07.2018
"talk about gun violence in America and the reality of the profile of white men being the biggest perpetuators of it."
Zugar 27.07.2018
Well what else is there? There is no third way!!!
Tojacage 28.07.2018
Here's your answer: because they are *married*, they should have the very same benefits as any other *married* couple.
Fenritaxe 05.08.2018
Wouldn't that make you a hypocrite as well?
Daim 14.08.2018
People have heard about God and Christ. If you do not believe in God or Christ is because that is the decision you have made. Many people before you were atheists and somewhere they realized being an atheists is not smart. They changed and reached out to God and God reached out to them. There is a connection and they become saved and apart of the family of God. Maybe you want but if you don't or you do someday, that will be your decision. The worse thing in this world is to die without Christ.
Arashira 22.08.2018
It's the law. You are subject to follow the law of The United States. Do not be surprised if you are detained, read to you your rights given to you by the gracious American public and then deported fined or jailed. It is completely constitutional, and just. Naturalization is defined by the American congress. Follow the law.
Dijora 22.08.2018
Yeah this OP is terrible. Let's try to ignore it. I am wondering how many Christians do you think separate their pro life views and what they think should be legal?
Kagagrel 01.09.2018
LMFAO good end around on answering the question of how your Jesus is a failed prophet who failed by stating that all those things would happen before the generation of people he was supposedly talking to, would pass away huh?


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