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You follow evidence that you BELIEVE supports god. The rest you take on faith. Sounds to me that you?re taking it all on ?faith?. Evidence is not something you ?believe?, it?s something you either accept as true or don?t accept as true. So, please share, if you will, your ?evidence? for the existence of a god. I?m not convinced your position is rational at all, but is more wishful thinking than anything.

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Mendte in a bikini
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Zulkizil 10.08.2018
What other rights? The right to own a gun? The right to not have soldiers quartered in one's home?
Kigagrel 17.08.2018
I am afraid you are wrong as far as the GTA is concerned. That is where most of the seats are. BTW it is not racist but true. I voted today and was in the minority as a white man.I am sure that is the same in most ridings IN THE GTA
Vozilkree 26.08.2018
Same as here.
Dojin 04.09.2018
Well... one got murdered (again, reducing the overall count of reproducing children) and it's well established that women aren't people: God can just make them from ribs. So Seth and Cain may have had God making wives for them.
Gule 07.09.2018
None of them. I am the sum of my parts.
Kazralar 11.09.2018
Now let's see what some of the other Founding Fathers said on this topic shall we?
Gobei 21.09.2018
It would probably depend on the antidiscrimination statute, if any, in which the baker is located. Only state and local laws, not federal, specifically encompass sexual orientation as a protected class.
Nikosar 26.09.2018
no pews? that is nuts.
Gardataxe 03.10.2018
When you?ve told a patient multiple times what forms of payment they can use and they bring the one form of payment that?s not accepted
Dailrajas 04.10.2018
Jesus said He was coming to save the world, not just the Jews. Matthew 28:19-20.
Zulkilkis 08.10.2018
Sorry, it's intellectually dishonest to insist that consent to sex is consent to pregnancy, or that the only acceptable response to that pregnancy is to give birth. Or, for that matter, that you have any say in whether or not another person should be forced to undergo a life threatening medical condition. Maybe have sex with your hand, lol.
Mazutaxe 16.10.2018
When you start off with wrong assumptions, like "I'm sure there is no God", the only direction you can go is the wrong one
Zolojind 25.10.2018
Wow, Iggy and LeBron need to get a room.
Kirr 02.11.2018
Where do you get a number like Hundreds of Millions?
Meztibei 10.11.2018
Not if He still has holes in His hands and feet.
Voshakar 20.11.2018
This isn't a dirty apartment problem. This is a "I just did something to show you I love you and you just stomped all over my heart" problem. And that problem was just compounded by you swallowing all of your feelings. Is there a way the two of you can sit down and talk about how this makes you
Dajind 24.11.2018
Let him know I'm asking.
Fenrizshura 29.11.2018
So, in other words you either did not read or chose to ignore 1.
Zoloktilar 04.12.2018
There is a difference between a customized cake (that does not yet exist) and a cake that has already been designed and created, my lady.
Yozshushicage 14.12.2018
there support DOES benefit America.
Tuktilar 23.12.2018
That's the point.
Dugore 30.12.2018
If you want hypocrisy on parade go to google maps and look up the Red Hen's address - 11 E Washington StLexington, Virginia 24450. Right click on it and go to street view. Wonder all through that area in street view and notice the people. They're all white. Its an all white town it looks like. All this inclusion bullshit and its all WHITE.
Meztijinn 01.01.2019
I don't think either Limbaugh or Hannity would condone political violence. I don't spend a lot of time listening to Jones, so I couldn't say. ( Idon't spend a lot of time listening to the others either, but I do occasionally.)
Zulkijin 10.01.2019
Lmfao that?ll show em
Vudokasa 15.01.2019
I had a skim after your recommendation
Dougor 20.01.2019
So you claim. But again, I won't. My knees are getting bad, so there won't be any kneeling. And what have I to confess? That I am still in love with the girl who dumped me? Yeah.
Vocage 29.01.2019
Nonsense.YHVH God is the epitome of logic.
Voodoolrajas 03.02.2019
she's like a carnival barker howling at the moon
Nahn 13.02.2019
the more law abiding citizens legally carry and practice defending themselves the fewer murderous crimes society would have endure. it sounds as though you are one those guys who prefers only criminals and law enforcement should have firearms. Wake up from your delusional dream. Utopia doesn't exist and never will because of criminals and liberal treatment of these violent offenders.


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