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I bought a cheap little car that would make it up to the border with part of the proceeds, stopped by the Bank of America branch to close my account. To little 12 year old Kelly, it was the most important thing in her life at the moment.

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"Lighten up, Francis." -- Sgt. Hulka

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Man have sex with girl
Man have sex with girl
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Brajar 20.03.2018
Not really. Since the black cat in the WH left, bigot and racist seem to only be used in an appropriate setting, against an appropriate person.
Shaktizuru 27.03.2018
Lazy people who have yet to break in their taxpayer funded knees, is my best guess.
Nat 31.03.2018
Cinnamon drops still remind me of my high school boyfriend.
Nakree 07.04.2018
There's no might about it - if he hasn't already done so, he will.
Taujas 11.04.2018
Some planted the seed of life on the Earth... interesting and suggestive of some extraterrestrial colonisation. And the answer is 42, I suppose.
Yozshulkis 16.04.2018
Well on Valentine's Day 1960 Mom and dad do the horizontal combo....
Mikakree 24.04.2018
Lol "why do you have to have the window open?"
Zolorn 28.04.2018
Read their ingredient list, once you realize the food is toxic you won?t buy it.
Mik 28.04.2018
Bro, not to be repetitive, but I don't care what you believe.
Mikakasa 04.05.2018
This article is stating immigration is hurting American workers. Really? American workers won't do the work that is needed to be done. Can't figure that one out?? Those companies that hire undocumented workers know that. Why don't you?
Zulutilar 09.05.2018
No problems here.
Grolar 13.05.2018
Hi Justanotherperson. There are many religions. You can be "religious" without God in the pic. Any specific system or belief and/or worship with a code of ethics and philosophy and the expression of that belief in conduct or ritual, can be said to be religion. Satan worship is a "religion" with beliefs and rituals! God is not a God of confusion and contradiction or rituals or a bunch of "religions." He did not create fifty different religions and chaos with all the bickering that goes with it! He created one manual, ( His Instruction Book ) The Bible, for all people to read and get understanding of who He is, who we are and what life is all about. We have the freewill to choose to do so or not, it's that simple. No fuss or arguing with it on God's part, you choose to read it and find out who God is and He will help us do that or we can reject It. It's up to all individuals to follow or not. I don't know why people on the left or the right hurl insults at each other over "religion." Nothing good ever came from insults and mean-spirited arguing. Confident people are usually calm and open minded. A lot of people come to the table with a closed mind, they're right and that's that!!!...especially "religious" beliefs. People have been burned at the stake because they would not deny their faith/religion and because the ones burning those people were mean-spirited, closed minded and "religious" bigots! The Bible is the foundation of all knowledge by which to gauge any personal or societal morals and values. Without it, you find what is in society today, more unhappiness and discontent with each passing year. My stand is; people can make all the noise with excuses that they possibly can, but it all comes down to one thing, they are ultimately responsible for what they choose to accept as truth. When Jesus returns, and He is, they will stand alone and give an account as to why they didn't listen and didn't read His Word to even see what it says and stay with it. Most people throw It down when they see something that they don't like or understand right away, or get offended and become bitter and quit. They don't want to do it, it's too hard. They want to do it their way, and that is usually the easy way out but they have that ultimate choice. It's a Book, called The Bible, the most important One you'll ever own or ever read or ever follow! The Words in it bring truth and the best out of all of us! God bless and thanks!!!
Faegrel 16.05.2018
Nope...you say they should be able to raise them how they see fit.
Faezahn 22.05.2018
I would think designers would throw themselves at the bride's feet for that exposure of their dress.
Mazusida 26.05.2018
Yep. So leaving out the praise means leaving out the "amazing Wisdom" of King Solomon.
Mazujin 02.06.2018
Judging from his FB page and the multiple rants about how the republicans were handling the ACA repeal, definitely not a republican.
Faushura 06.06.2018
It's pretty cool when the clothing even matches.
Mazugis 13.06.2018
We Native Americans realized a long time ago, that ALL life was sacred, that we were all part of one huge puzzle that all fit together, and for all of us to survive? We as humans had to respect all of nature, not just humans. From the smallest blade of grass, to the tallest tree, from a bug to the great bison, to the water, earth and air, if we did harm to it? We were doing harm to ourselves and all other living forms on this beautiful planet we once had.
Zolozuru 15.06.2018
Ideally, they would already be in jail. If they are wanted for arrest and encounter a authority figure, they should be arrested.
Akizil 21.06.2018
Yes, Catholicism has been infected with too much paganism and it does not in anyway resemble true traditional Christianity.
Gardami 22.06.2018
nope it was god that flooded the world including every newborn baby, human or animal
Gardakus 02.07.2018
We will do it the Oriole way and trade everyone for some magic beans and rule 5 players and then raise ticket prices to 'enhance the fan experience'. This will happen about 30 seconds before the trade deadline to make sure we have no other options. ;-)
Fauzahn 09.07.2018
And you say you understand it? Figure it out.
Kajizilkree 16.07.2018
Is Mark 16: 9-20 or the story of the woman caught in adultery in the gospel of John 7:53 - 8:11 part of the original inspiration or did god need to inspire a scribe to add it later?
JoJoramar 23.07.2018
Oh Moses smell the roses!
Kiran 29.07.2018
Nice post. ^
Dukus 04.08.2018
"Ok so you found them ?incoherent? to your mind. "
Akinohn 10.08.2018
I take it, you weren't able to actually understand that article.
Fenrigal 15.08.2018
People are human. At the same time, It's really great with your SO is focused on you. It really depends how often he's glancing at other women. Is it once-in-awhile? Okay. I mean, it doesn't exactly make me happy but okay. But is he 'glancing' at other women every time we go out or looking for ways to make it appear he's not checking out other girls when he is? Sorry, why would I want to keep hanging out with him if that's the case? I remember a long time ago hearing a man talk about how other men can handle their relationships. They can either invest wasted energy into every hot looking woman that crosses their path, actively getting nothing out of except for a few seconds of titilation that they will probably forget by next week anyway. Or they can invest their energy into their partner in making her feel cared for, loved and like the hottest freshest thing he's ever see and reap the benefits of that positive energy being put back into his own relationship..like an investment. I always liked that.
Zuhn 25.08.2018
Its more like you don't want to admit your first comment here was wrong even though you finally admitted this case wasn't about racism.
Yom 04.09.2018
"What convinced you Paul's letters were not forgeries?"
Kisida 10.09.2018
Sure the "beast" is ruling in the world. But Jesus is Returning already in correcting the Life as His Children. Many has met Him as the Lam restoring Family Life. And now they are going to be even more empowered in meeting Him as the Lion. In this Power they are going to restore Family right over the earth.
Damuro 17.09.2018
"and if I don't"?
Yozshumuro 25.09.2018
To get free shit!


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