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How deep can you anal fist

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Cheating Asian wife has a wet dream about her big-dick butler

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Oh...no surprises about ole Bill.

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How deep can you anal fist
How deep can you anal fist
How deep can you anal fist
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Faugar 20.03.2018
When you said "why would it be?"
Shaktisho 27.03.2018
Obviously there are MAJOR lapses in the logic, but yeah that's the gist
Meztibei 31.03.2018
Did you see the new thing they have?? It's like a vacuum for your face and you get to see all the gunk it sucks out!! I think it's only available at 100 stores or something like that.
Zulkijinn 08.04.2018
What flaws have you pointed out in my understanding?
Melkis 13.04.2018
Uh huh. You keep them along with your stash of tissues?
Dobar 20.04.2018
You misspelled, "I'm about to spit out some overly wordy bullshit that you'd need a fat joint and a lobotomy to find the least bit entertaining.".
Faurn 28.04.2018
Dougie has shown us that he is the biggest lying piece of sh*t.
Gonris 02.05.2018
YHWH started out as just another Ba?al, master of a limited area. From that very limited position in competition with a lot of other gods to being the top god to the only god in a small country. Then his people are taken to a far country. And they take him along and decide he covers his people where ever they are which makes him universal. That is a quick summary of the where.
Kazidal 10.05.2018
You're talking with one. With that resolved, let's go back to my question. If Jesus taught through parable, and fiction to illustrate the nature of God, why can't that be reasonably applied elsewhere in the text?
Dirisar 12.05.2018
Was I talking to you?
Nikojar 14.05.2018
God has not condemned people for how He made them, gay or straight.
Kigazragore 19.05.2018
So. I assume what you are saying is we (Christians) should not be involved in politics. correct?
Kazracage 28.05.2018
Don't be silly, wrap your willy!
Gardashakar 02.06.2018
You have spoken wisely; all others are mere impostors of the True and Proper Topping! ;-)
Vudokazahn 05.06.2018
I love Ninkasi. After all, she is the goddess of beer.
Dugis 09.06.2018
On Druggie, in the Globe:
Zulkill 14.06.2018
If we are talking about such things as the nature of 'humans', we are talking about biology, and it's a bit much to criticise me for raising it. My 'narrative' has been to ask you what you thought, and bring up the biological problems with your ideas. That's it. There was no Adam and Eve. Your response is to dismiss biology as being relevant to the question. I give up.
Grolrajas 24.06.2018
Climate change certainly is real.. It's been happening for as long as Earth has had an atmosphere.
Gardazshura 02.07.2018
Comic sans fan?
Yotilar 09.07.2018
"... but when you make claims of truth to other people, please have the integrity to back up your claim."
Mole 16.07.2018
You don't think children are capable of making rational decisions when a firearm is involved?
Kigasida 19.07.2018
Doesn't make sense. Fine with teaching them equality in the social sense, but not teaching social equality.
Dourisar 24.07.2018
You know what an analogy is right? And at one times those galaxies were much closer together and they spread out.
Zulkik 01.08.2018
Doesn?t mean they were wrong about Thomas.
Malalrajas 02.08.2018
Who is West?
Voodookazahn 08.08.2018
Ummm, much more involved? And the only reason they lost many more people in it was the incompetence of their leaders and Stalin's willingness to throw lives away like they were candy! Not to mention he stupidly believed Hitler and wasn't prepared when Hitler turned on him.


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