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Urg, This chastity belt is Master's punishment for losing control earlier.

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Very much like what I was discussing on another thread a few moments ago. My wife is an exceptional woman but she is also very laid back and easy going and she has always preferred me taking the lead on most things. Does that mean she is incapable? Not at all, just how she chooses to do

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Gay indian men sex
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Met 19.08.2018
and now it starts, a trade war, I wonder how soon the US markets will began reacting, meanwhile Trump is expected to be confrontational at the G-7 meeting, I wonder if the other members will also be ? Trump just can't seem to understand the word GLOBALIZATION
Zolorisar 22.08.2018
I think you are justified in feeling hurt and angry. He could have made alternative arrangements, he could have made a work around. He could have given you a heads up and said "I can't do xyz, so I'll do abc instead - is that ok?"
Yozshubar 28.08.2018
Been on the wagon two days (in a row) now. Feeling a little puny.
Daigor 03.09.2018
Ps last I checked you still have "at will" Labour laws to enable abuse of employees so no real issue for the haters and bigots that can't bring themselves to address someone as they would choose to be addressed.
Zulkigami 06.09.2018
Would you apply this to... say.... nuns?
Faezilkree 13.09.2018
Thanks for the very thoughtful reply. There's a bunch I agree with and a bunch I don't agree with. It's clear you haven't just robotically swallowed what you're feed. You've thought it through deeply.
Faujas 16.09.2018
I swear my dog is the only dog that purrs. She purrs and snuggles up to me when I do that.
Gujind 18.09.2018
I am conservative. Prefer the heterosexual sin. What about you?
Arahn 23.09.2018
That's a pretty clear violation of the rules, don't you think?
Mazujin 02.10.2018
You didn't read the study.
Akinosida 06.10.2018
Here is one more for you, because apparently YOU have never truly read your bible.
Malajas 10.10.2018
Yeah... but Jesus even avoids doing that and goes with the silent treatment. "Pilate was amazed" is what it says in Matthew 27:14.
Kazik 15.10.2018
The problem with you trying to project your own perception of Fundamentalist bigotry as Historical Sociology is the fact that you think people can live taking kindness and responsibility for granted, while promoting rank denialism.
Kagalkis 22.10.2018
They made it necessary for him to do it. They attacked him, they blocked his escape route.
Megar 01.11.2018
Then how come some have?
Kaktilar 09.11.2018
I'm anti abortion personally but that is for each person to choose for themselves. I'm not against sex ed being taught in schools and as far as birthcontrol being covered by insurance I have no real problems with that either
Mazuzahn 17.11.2018
Whoa....easy holmes. My advice is extremely bad? There's all kinds of advice going around in here, and to jump in and jack my post and suggest she isn't interested in being a referee to two grown adult women, and maybe she should step down as chair, you think is GOOD advice? Lol.
Zulujind 23.11.2018
No he is not, and he never was. Jesus was the very first of God's creative acts.
Gardazil 26.11.2018
That is what I said. Not a nice attitude to your neighbour. Asking for a trouble.
Nikonris 06.12.2018
Yup, and could have put in something better like "thou shalt not own another human as property"
Brall 13.12.2018
Well, do you understand it? I?m not sure exactly who is killed in this battle.
Daira 17.12.2018
Look at the decision: 7-2.
Zulule 20.12.2018
I think Donnie is a loser, but I hope this works.
Murisar 23.12.2018
That would be entirely up to you. I would probably refuse to bake a cake that supported a cause I disagree with because I don't want my name associated with said cause. That sort of thing should not open me up to being hounded by a governmental agency. A boycott or bad yelp review, fine. But being pushed out of business by the Civil Rights commission? That's too far!
Docage 25.12.2018
They did not have "real" jobs? Why do conservatives like you cheer for the destruction of jobs?
Gokree 27.12.2018
Take it easy on the poor bloak. lol!!
Negami 29.12.2018
Why stop there? You are brain washed on Christ. I have never internalized a religious belief of any kind. But I have encountered the kind of mania you have, You people are dangerous. Are you going to pick up a gun and come looking for me because I don't agree with your mania fantasy? This is why we need gun control.
Shaktilkis 03.01.2019
I don't see pop coming back.
Meztikora 13.01.2019
One way or the other, you're still a liar.
Arashigis 17.01.2019
You can't even show that a god exists. We can show that evolution happens.
Tacage 23.01.2019
"Why Compare the Most Fundamentalist Christian with the Liberals or Moderates of Other Religions and/or Atheism?"


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