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I repeat, there are benefits to circumcision. There is a wealth of accredited medical journals that can back that up. If parents choose to do this for their boys there is nothing wrong with that. If they choose to let the child grow up and decide for himself theres also nothing wrong with that.

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Tauhn 24.03.2018
(loudly)"hello? HELLO? I can't hear you!" (balling up a sheet of paper)?????? but you're right, I'd talk to you. ??
Kem 30.03.2018
Sure they do. Christians have been persecuting unbelievers since there have been Christians. Christians are the most evil and dishonest people who have ever existed on this planet.
Kigashicage 05.04.2018
"But they aren't a human being/person yet."
Meshakar 10.04.2018
Throwing an object is bordering on a violent act.. Especially feces... Politely asking someone to leave is NOT..
Samukora 13.04.2018
So, I am bigoted towards murder, theft, and dishonesty...
Maushura 14.04.2018
No, that was the foreign country of Hawaii that attacked at Bowling Green.
Nakinos 25.04.2018
I just read the greatest summary of what dating in high school is like, and why not to let the past pain from high school dating influence you.
Vujas 29.04.2018
A few minor corrections, OP:
Arashir 04.05.2018
Isn't it interesting that the left is bitching so much about Trump being "unlawful", and yet the Supreme Court continues to hand him, his supporters, and the political and ideological thinking that the left claims is so unlawful, all these victories?
Dojar 09.05.2018
Cyrus Vance - the DA bringing these charges - did not bring charges against Weinstein before because it was more politically advantageous not to. Now it is more helpful to his career to support victims instead of silencing them. He turns my stomach.
Yozshur 17.05.2018
No. It is damned well established. You need to prove DNA and Germ theory wrong at this point to debunk it
Kenos 23.05.2018
It looks like it's going to be the couch.
Yomuro 01.06.2018
I would simply say "based on our current knowledge." But sure, we can go with that.
Nikogor 06.06.2018
Aren't you the one who screams "Whataboutism" at every corner
Mazragore 13.06.2018
Depends on which duck dynasty guy...
Voodootaxe 15.06.2018
I believe that Matthew and Thomas were there. You may disagree, but you still did not address my point. Evidence may only be refuted by counter-evidence. The gospels and the existence of Christianity are evidence for the existence of Jesus. Offer better evidence for his non-existence if you wish to demonstrate it.
Yojar 22.06.2018
Yep, I'd facepalm too if I were you. Any chance I can assist? Lol!!
Brashicage 28.06.2018
I know what it means. God, pretty much by definition, is exempt from any accusations of special pleading on His behalf. As I said before, He is a law unto Himself. No one is His judge, etc. This applies even if you're a pantheist and don't necessarily believe in a personal God. Ours is but to do and die. God's workings are beyond our ability to judge.
Shakam 07.07.2018
Why go to court when turning off the internet and an electric cattle prod would do?
Mazuzshura 15.07.2018
Agree and disagree. For minor stuff like this, talk to the person or ignore it. But I don't think a person that is actually being sexually harassed should have to confront their harasser if they are uncomfortable. They should already know what they are doing is wrong.
Juzragore 22.07.2018
Guess what ? You are full of shit , my liberal ,asshole ,commenter! Obama set us back by siding with the weak countries . He didn't have the guts to stand up to our enemies , Iran, Russia, China,Syria.Palestine.Libya ,
Yozshujora 23.07.2018
Both of my kids were conceived while I was on birth control. I was on the pill with my daughter (though I wasn't great at taking it at the SAME time every day) and I was on the NuvaRing with my son.
Juzshura 28.07.2018
Climate change is a hoax.
Dilkis 07.08.2018
I don't really see how. (Though I grant you can just respond to that by saying "Well you wouldn't, you're human". :P)
Melkis 09.08.2018
Ideologies like dictatorial communism, N4zism, fascism, islam, christianity are all centered around an authority, like the bible, or around an authority figure, like Hitler, the Pope, various preachers, priests, Stalin etc.
Kajibei 20.08.2018
Waddya mean "if"?
Nikogul 23.08.2018
"Forever" is a concept generated by the mind based upon memory. The NOW is not a concept, it is a CONSTANT lived reality which precedes thought. It is ALWAYS now. That is what eternity REALLY is. There has never been anything but the now.
Maujar 25.08.2018
Maybe, but resigning from his race? Harlem is ?his? neighbourhood?
Arashigar 28.08.2018
I love it when christianist cultists scream about rights while in the same diatribe support denying others their rights


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