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>>"They cannot vote to institute religion, etc. But it can inform them, just as with another politician, issues over poverty, the importance of education, etc., can inform them and determine their voting."<<

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Free mature women thumbs
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Yozshubei 24.08.2018
Toronto the good is morphing into Toronto the shithole.
Fenrisho 26.08.2018
This has to be one of the stupidest posts ever penned about Charlottesville.
Tuk 02.09.2018
Trump has no reasoning. He?s a moron
Sakasa 11.09.2018
Yeh, we see what nationalization of the energy industry has done to Venezuela where gas costs 1 cent/litre.
Voodoolrajas 15.09.2018
Anonymity and GroupThink brings out the worst in people.
Zulkisida 18.09.2018
From The Balance;
Sami 22.09.2018
That would be Catholic schools.
Brakora 30.09.2018
For the death and resurrection? No, not at all. Plus books aren't exactly good evidence for supernatural events, especially when we can't validate any of the claims.
Vulrajas 07.10.2018
These are city dang cats :D
Kigacage 16.10.2018
In an urban setting, it would be the cops protecting the 1% from the 99%. And Cm has made it obvious he/she/it is in the 99%.
Mular 22.10.2018
The Commie jerks we can't do anything about because they don't need our American $$.
Tashicage 30.10.2018
LOL!! I have been paying attention.... The Independants are looking at the Economy stupid, they see that it is being Administered to much more effectively than it was by the last guy and the unemployment numbers look so much better as well. The People in the Republican party are fully supporting Trump. You are referring to the elected officials in the party who are split. That doesn't matter, they do not carry the influence with " We The People" that they once did. Trump is at a pretty good approval rate under the worst set of circumstances ever faced by a New President. Time for you to get over your Hilary fixation and come join the President and " We The People" it beats being a downtrodden crybaby Liberal by far!!!
Vudorisar 01.11.2018
Thank you for the response, Dynbrake. I am familiar with that view. In the research I'm (re) linking to, the author takes some time address that view and dispel it. Obviously, I would say we can't know the answer (his, yours, mine, whoever's), only put together clues.
Akinos 06.11.2018
My goodness - have you never opened a dictionary and found yourself in a loop?
Dolar 11.11.2018
How is that ignorant, Martha?


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