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Classic fear-mongering. Still?

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Neran 27.07.2018
I mean, hell the error ranges if any are tiny compared to the absolute monstrosity of errors that would have to be there for AiG or CARM to be correct.
Vudorr 28.07.2018
Funny. Is it a threat?
Vilmaran 05.08.2018
I'm sure the people who view themselves as Palastinians might have a different view.
Grohn 10.08.2018
Have you ever considered you may hold bigotted views?
Brat 11.08.2018
Nobody is lying about my ongoing virginity.
Mazukree 22.08.2018
Quickest recoveries on record for Obama? So why when Bush was POTUS there were 24 million on food stamps. When Obama left office there were 47 million on food stamps? That sounds like a slow if not a no recovery to me
Tujind 26.08.2018
I was not there but his rendition of the anthem is awesome!
Vudoran 04.09.2018
Here?s what I think the issue is.
Akigar 10.09.2018
I am thinking hotel chains and franchise restaurants
Malataur 19.09.2018
Yay! It?s morning time... go to work and hurry hurry-
Barisar 28.09.2018
The President has praised a lot of things and people. He has the right to express an opinion. Just like you. Even if you don?t like it.
Ker 01.10.2018
There was no assumption, I quoted it directly. I even italicized it so it was easy to see and realize that those are your words.
Duran 06.10.2018
Yes I am pro life & you are pro choice. Is your belief not ingrained???
Kagore 12.10.2018
Melli, is there a reason you choose to act like this?
Nikojar 21.10.2018
Test it to make sure. Its easy to counterfeit but only one is true
Taushicage 29.10.2018
blah blah blah
Moogulmaran 30.10.2018
We know that anyone who claims faith as irrefutable fact is likely a bit bonkers.
Kazilkree 05.11.2018
You can't get a Gold Star for bone spurs?
Voodoogrel 10.11.2018
The Bible is basically the answer to your question. As I mentioned earlier this very evening, it is in some ways an interpretation of history. It has a logic to it, which is sort of admirable and optimistic, if you take the events it contains as a given.
Tygojora 17.11.2018
Well you did mention with recent scenarios, that could be that some were being prevented so ya you'd be saying that.
JoJole 17.11.2018
Where do you see any judement of Muslims? You keep discussing with an imaginary opponent. You are not familiar with the Islamic doctrine, you give it out by referring to Koran alone, while Islam is based on both Koran and Sunna. You are welcome to bring here your average Muslims who will tell that Koran is not Allah's perfect message and Muhammad is not a perfect role model. Where did you see Muslims speaking out against what Muhammad said or did? In case you didn't know, they are called apostates.
Akinos 26.11.2018
What nukes? You mean the ones the DPRK media tell you they have? LOL. Their capability is like a 5 year old saying his slingshot in his hand is going to beat the 12-gauge shotgun with buckshot at point blank range to his head.
Mizuru 02.12.2018
The number of murders in the UK tripled after the death penalty was abolished in 1966.
Marr 04.12.2018
They had an affair
Kijin 06.12.2018
And it was all done at the direction of the DNC.
Kajile 09.12.2018
Not true at all. But since all theists believe in racism and slavery I should give no thought to their opinions. see what I did there. I made an assumption about a large group of people based on my own feelings and misinformation.
Nikotaur 13.12.2018
Quote the post
Mele 14.12.2018
Going only for hedonism is to not be prudent. It is going without insurance or back-up. And all actions have consequences. And often somebody has to pay.Go to a party, and have the best time, but then someone has to pay for the party. And if you keep stiffing people, they don't keep inviting you. If you invite a group to the restaurant and then don't pay the bill, the restaurant, and any others they know don't want you as a customer. So you soon are left without any support for your hedonism. And if you cross the wrong people, they will take revenge on you and believe me that is as far from pleasurable as they can make it.
Vizuru 23.12.2018
Oh Robert, are you testing me right now ? Is it so hard to just be cool ?
Tojajin 24.12.2018
Google is a great tool
Fenrigul 27.12.2018
Thousands of years later the US caught on - AFTER the had become wealthy off the backs of them!
Akilmaran 29.12.2018
Are you sure you don't have any other names you can call Trump supporters!
Meztijinn 04.01.2019
23/24 I believe. I think she's been pretty silent. Only one of his daughters came out full force to support him. The one that passed away recently.
Kigam 12.01.2019
Yes because discrimination infringes on the rights of others. I don?t even agree with them doing it in their own churches. If you get any government subsidy, including tax exemptions, you should not be allowed to discriminate.


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