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Actually, it's absolute truth. Do you believe I can flap my arms like a bird and fly around the Empire State Building? If not, just will yourself to believe it. Believe it now? See?

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Akizragore 28.07.2018
Oh, brother. The fear from the atheists here who think they are going to be forced to follow religious-based laws...
Akijar 05.08.2018
Travel day and naps made me miss the good stuff...
Zologar 10.08.2018
Yes. Staffed with American flag waving patriots, fully prepared to take out their fellow citizens. Boo Ya. (Putin must be pleased.)
Damuro 20.08.2018
This has been a discussion before and someone mentioned the benefits. It was at the time $700 per month for a single male. The point came up in a discussion about able bodied young men entering Canada and receiving generous refugee benefits Rick
Tojas 28.08.2018
Actually the Greatest One is the Rebirth in the Life of God and being a God then too.
Kihn 05.09.2018
Agreed. Mulroney at least had some major accomplishments before his epic collapse. Wynne merely treaded water.
Shaktikus 14.09.2018
I would not say invented but he did change Christianity and was opposed by members of the Jerusalem Church. This has been discussed for quite some time in academia ever since the days of Baur and more recently by S. G. F. Brandon, Robert Eisler, and their congeners. The picture of Jesus in the Greek Gospels, eating with tax-collectors, lampooning the traditions of his people, welcoming sinners and ridiculing Torah piety are all expressions of Gentile anti-Judaism. Only Gentiles utterly without sympathy to Judaism could profess to see such a Jesus as a noble pioneer of a "higher righteousness."
Tajinn 22.09.2018
Have you ever watched cake boss?


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