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worry not about it. I do as I please :) LOL!!

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Free asian email accounts
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Akinorr 04.04.2018
"I agree that if the beginning of life is impossible naturally"
Shaktigal 06.04.2018
nice to see Fleury has reverted back to his usual form
Faunos 12.04.2018
could be Rich
Kazranos 16.04.2018
That's how English grammar works. If I say, "Canada is less populated, warm, southern, etc than the US", the "etc" would also be limited to adjectives following" less.
Tajar 22.04.2018
I have another site in mind which would allow much more en depth questioning (followup questions are dependent upon the previous question) but it'll be a while before I do another survey probably, and I have to verify that the data collected is anonymous there too.
Gura 03.05.2018
Once more I have to ask: is posting the unhinged rantings of lunatics really Breaking News?
Maktilar 07.05.2018
Perhaps people don't see that prayer is useless because prayer isn't useless.
Nami 12.05.2018
She thought she would get what she demanded. Wrong. Now it's going to court. And it will cost more if she loses.
Mooguzahn 16.05.2018
I like the OP and questions because clear and concise. Experience is the biggest variable of religion. Emotions and faith tend to change, so MUST be set on facts.
Dahn 19.05.2018
You forgot to put a joke before your LOL
Mizahn 25.05.2018
Ralphie won't let a fact ruin a good senseless rant.
Taum 29.05.2018
Naaa The Corporations would Take those Farms to feed the Cities for Profit.... Farmer Joe would be Fertilizer
Bragar 07.06.2018
Right. And yet this is 100% the message young straight men receive: "if a girl isn't interested in you, go achieve something (go to the gym, go have a big lucrative career, go win a prestigious prize, go get famous) and you will win her." Cultural programming which masquerades as feminist still basically delivers that exact message.
Nirr 08.06.2018
Well isn't the point that God is making the sacrifice? I know Jesus was in pain but God did it, supposedly to sacrifice His son. Jesus didn't sacrifice himself. Jesus just got killed.
Gardabei 15.06.2018
Good Question. I think the idea that you need to "believe" in God, suggests that you are some distance from truly appreciating and understanding the essence of that term.
Taukus 24.06.2018
Yep. Lounging on a concrete slab down by the Detroit river, right now.
JoJozil 30.06.2018
Not at all.
Kimuro 01.07.2018
Waters called for verbal confrontation, not violence.
Faekus 11.07.2018
No. She didn't break the law. That's it.
Malagul 14.07.2018
Oh my God! You have got to be shitting me. You posted the most disgusting photo shopped picture of Hillary Clinton with a fat dimpled ass that's still burned in my brain and said that's was probably what my ass looked like.
Fenrinos 19.07.2018
In every single scientific discovery, there were no gods needed for the explanations.
Meztishura 24.07.2018
I unapologetically agree with him 100%.
Mauzil 28.07.2018
Only Christians now ? Another Viewpoint t ? ?? ??
Tejinn 29.07.2018
But you?re infallible, at least in your own mind right.
Faukus 07.08.2018
One man... Told a joke... And another man failed the test.
Samulabar 09.08.2018
The Clintons, Platypus?
Zululabar 10.08.2018
Like the minions?


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