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Silly little anecdote from my married life:

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Flat mature posing women
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Mugore 13.07.2018
Where does the money for vouchers come from?
Mom 23.07.2018
Yep. That should be traffic ticket.
Dainris 26.07.2018
So, we are done here?
Nelkis 01.08.2018
First, LeBron needs to worry about being swept. No ring for the king!
Shashura 09.08.2018
He wasn't brave. His faith wasn't sincere. He didn't hold any sincerity in his faith when he sold a wedding cake to a couple of dogs.
Nimuro 10.08.2018
Yep, and paying for things with the mindset that you owe them something.
Zulurn 15.08.2018
Multiple democrats said that obama was born in Kenya. 2 of them printed it. Once on his own book!
Fezahn 17.08.2018
Most of which would revert back to their pre R&W state.
Yozshuramar 25.08.2018
Also bedtime is wartime
Zulkizil 27.08.2018
No, really. That's magic incantations which are made up bollocks.
Kagakazahn 07.09.2018
"Or in other words: the believe in Jesus or Allah itself is not seen as a reason to reward people, nor is disbelief a reason to throw them in hell." -- I disagree. I think that the majority of the followers of Catholicism and Islam believe that non-believers will go to hell. Regardless of what the actual numbers are, my point is that I believe that adults in a position of trust are abusing children (as defined by the WHO) if they teach them the Quran or the catechism of the Catholic church.
Zulkikus 08.09.2018
Gonna go against the grain here. If you do not have any credit cards, car payments, or lines of credit, you can achieve a rating of "not determinable". IF you can do that, and you have a good payment history with your utilities and landlord, you CAN get a mortgage with a good down payment. It takes a bit more work, but is worth it. You can find a bank that does *manual underwriting*.
Felar 11.09.2018
Didn't President Lardass know that American troops burnt down Simcoe (Toronto) first?
Arashikora 15.09.2018
Truth is relative and subjective to the individual. That is an opinion, not a fact. Kierkegaard said
Fegal 19.09.2018
Let's call Sherlock then haha XD
Yokree 28.09.2018
It's like a comfortable chair we pull up and sit awhile. No matter how long we are away, there's always a spot by the fire when we return.
Meztihn 06.10.2018
The previous "policy" was to ignore the law. Not that hard to understand.
Gorisar 11.10.2018
Unbelievable - vehicular homicide and what is Fitts response "sh!t happens"
Shanos 14.10.2018
There is zero reason for any Vet to be homeless,unless they are mentally ill or have an addiction problem,and you just can't drag people out of homelessness.They have to want to end it,they must look for help to end it it.Our Veteran's benefits are amongst the best in Canada,haven't you noticed that it's mostly civilians complaining about the care our Veterans get?The only real complaint I've heard from Veterans is the backlog of soldiers waiting to get their benefits,and yes we have to do something about that......
Jushura 24.10.2018
I reallllllly wish the animation worked here at this new place.... Wait I have my phone!!! ....but that is data... is Mo-town's post worth it? argggggghhh I need coffee for this decision....
Yozshurn 28.10.2018
How do you know he is disgruntled.
Nikomi 04.11.2018
I didn?t miscommunicate. I described implicit atheism at first. It takes 0 faith to be an implicit atheist.
Dagal 13.11.2018
Maybe in a place that HE pays for, not the rest of us taxpayers that are footing the bill for these people. Holy shit, do people think we can afford to help every damn person that jumps the border?
Kazishicage 19.11.2018
If MY FRIEND puts out after
Akitaur 23.11.2018
I understand knowledge and learning are boring to you.
Tygorg 02.12.2018
Poor old flabby cheeks is a Kim fan!
Akigore 11.12.2018
Anyone buying a gun is subject to an FBI background check, what more would you like to see?


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