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Definitly. When I think of rich Catholics, it's either Tony Soprano or JFK.

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Erotic game mole series
Erotic game mole series
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Takazahn 23.05.2018
FAR BETTER than the 'alternative'
Kazragis 28.05.2018
If we are allowing Trump to set the minimum bar, we are effed as a nation. We should be better.
Dairg 06.06.2018
Can?t blame me for trying!
Muramar 16.06.2018
Google "no True Scotsman".
Nizilkree 18.06.2018
What happens if you're deaf? Do they deport you?
Kaziramar 25.06.2018
I should have been this way dating but was not...LOL
Tanos 29.06.2018
Be thankful you have a sprinkler system.
Maugami 30.06.2018
That is a very intresting ideas!
Akinozilkree 07.07.2018
Doesn't say when they sinned. It may have been years. Maybe the dinosaurs died first.
Mitaxe 11.07.2018
how about learning to trust our own strengths instead of the strength of an imaginary deity?
Vosar 18.07.2018
Good night db
Dajinn 19.07.2018
You responded to me, I responded back, then you keep responding to a post, you already responded to in place of later posts.
Vijas 26.07.2018
You are substituting notions, Islam is a doctrine, Muslims are people. And again, neither US nor Russia are ideologies. Let us not compare soft with green. Is it news for you that Koran is believed to be perfect message of Allah? How do you improve perfection?
Kajitaxe 31.07.2018
Yeah ok...."original sin is a core belief of Christianity"....
Karr 09.08.2018
False, read Mat 25. The gathering of the wicked is explained in Joel 3
Tojakasa 10.08.2018
I feel like when these topics come up, I advocate for lying. I can't recall a time I embellished a story, but I'll omit details that would be frowned upon, or detract from its entertainment value. I don't care, I like talking to folks but I don't like burdening myself with explanation or justification. Life is too short to be so serious and/or boring ??
Brashicage 13.08.2018
The questions don't ask you to state your theology in a way that makes sense to you. The questions ask you to step outside of your paradigm and look at it a different way.
Tabei 16.08.2018
Agreed and I had hoped I was clear on that. My point is, nobody agrees on what should be literal and what isn't
Kerg 22.08.2018
As long as they can provide for their children, it is their business how many they have.


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