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Dead kennedys to dunk to fuck

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Fuck You Like a Dog

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The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) found that the health benefits of newborn male circumcision outweigh the risks, but the benefits are not great enough to recommend universal newborn circumcision.

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Dead kennedys to dunk to fuck
Dead kennedys to dunk to fuck
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Barn 22.08.2018
Yeah... first de-industrialization took all their well-paying jobs; then the financial crisis got all their houses foreclosed on or under water; and now this.
Kazraramar 25.08.2018
You mean Matthew 19, 1-9? You know right after that section Jesus explains what he's said by effectively saying "and transgender is normal and okay" in Matthew 19:10-12. For some reason that part of the lesson gets skipped by conservatives.
Gora 01.09.2018
YES! Boy Meets World :( and TGIF.
Nijind 09.09.2018
Sorry about hitting you with my car. If I knew all the other stuff that had happened to you I would have made more of an effort to swerve out of the way.
Dougrel 17.09.2018
Keep flailing, Louisa, no one buys your crap.


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