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Trump was seen wearing a very small but telling button: 'Why? Because They Have the Pee Pee Tapes!'

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Breast masses in men
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Kajidal 09.07.2018
No he didn?t.
Bagor 14.07.2018
See id be upset if I was still friends with a woman I had previously dated and the guy she was with wanted us to quit apeaking to me.
Akimi 24.07.2018
Some people just have too much time on their hands.
Faugul 26.07.2018
Im saying they shouldn't...
Maugal 28.07.2018
Sarah Sanders is a paid liar -- the likes of which we have never before seen standing behind the Press Secretary podium. Ask those who are turning away from the Republican Party in disgust -- former GOP Strategist Steven Schmidt, for example.
Kajikora 01.08.2018
God came to earth not as the Father but as the Son to show His Children who and what they are now. It is as any Father, stooping down to show his child how to be a human being. In this instance just God showing His Children how to be Godly Children.
Tagor 06.08.2018
LOL. That's so true. Their 'messy' face is like a perfectly applied glob of something that only makes them look sexier.
Zumi 14.08.2018
It doesn?t matter. The other two are non-starters. Libs are DONE. NDP are worse and will finish us off. I regret we chose Doug as the messenger, as he sucks at verbalizing it, but I?m not voting for him, I?m voting for the party.
Nihn 22.08.2018
Bunny boiler alert!!
Kagagis 01.09.2018
Mao did NOT have a mustache. However, ALL three had mothers.
Mebei 02.09.2018
OK, you've shown her where she's headed - to hell - unless she repents and comes out of that abomination. I also showed her the same things in detail. So, you should leave her. She's not about to listen and from my experience of knowing female homosexuals, nothing short of a cataclysmic event by God is going to repent and get saved.
Akinonris 03.09.2018
And then quickly abandoned it as totally unworkable.
Akinogor 10.09.2018
or keep a jar of instant in your desk..
Malakasa 18.09.2018
I am hiding under the bed but must soon come out and face the day. My hope is that people like Fedeli, Elliot, Mulroney, etc will bring some sanity; my fear that he will be just like Trump.
Akilkis 20.09.2018
Please accept my charity and move on.
Kazidal 24.09.2018
Oye you conjured yourself a whole bunch of tangled-up misunderstandings and ignorance of the Bible. Let?s start with asking for forgiveness of your sins. Do you know that Jesus wants you to confess to a priest? The Bible says so.
Maucage 02.10.2018
A bigot is "a person who is intolerant toward those holding different opinions."
Kigazahn 03.10.2018
Though I do wonder, do you usually make a habit of insulting people who are smarter than you?
Ararr 11.10.2018
He's be definition, condoning it.
Malale 18.10.2018
Great, then show us where to see the paper, on the subject as well as tell us the author.
Nazuru 28.10.2018
That very same God which you reject loves you,so far!! :) LOL!!
Samubar 06.11.2018
Momma. The perfect and immutable word of god is so very open to ones own views and needs.
Megal 11.11.2018
"If we are naturally averse that is a strong indication that it is WRONG"


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