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Stamina Training VIII

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Stamina Training VIII

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Nijinn 20.08.2018
God does say that we will know Christians by their fruits. He also says that if we deny Him before men He will deny us. Blair denied him at a time when he could have stood up for Him. BTW being RC means nothing.
Tojalkis 24.08.2018
You form your opinions on an artists concept?
Shakajind 30.08.2018
Haha jae u ar cuteee
Juramar 06.09.2018
You tried to turn this into an anti-Trump thing which is off topic. You now claim that you don't care what a partisan article says (despite all the posts you have made in this comments section) and that it doesn't focus on the real issues. And since when is a study on the effects of illegal workers a partisan issue? Also, are we not having a conversation about the issues? Are you suggesting that doing studies on how illegal workers impact American workers isn't a focus on the real issues? Do you agree with the assertions made about illegal workers?
Kajim 15.09.2018
What a depressing way to live
Shalkis 23.09.2018
None of your "extensive" posts are cogent and you're still missing the point about discrimination in public businesses and places of accommodation.
Tum 27.09.2018
Florida, that splains a lot /JK.
Kelkree 01.10.2018
Fairly productive long weekend. Watched Deadpool 2 Saturday with my sister. Did laundry and cleaned the inside of my car Sunday. Bathed dogs and cleaned their pet taxis yesterday. All in all, a decent weekend.
Mizragore 06.10.2018
Why is it of such paramount importance for there to be a ceremony and a marriage license? That's really all the difference boils down to when you look at it objectively. You love each other, and you want to be together; you shouldn't need a piece of paper or a fancy ceremony to prove it, to each other or anyone else!
Faesho 14.10.2018
These guys will be the very, very first to go when the Kingdom comes. (By 'go' I mean, feel the wrath of the Almighty.)
Taur 19.10.2018
The Nile IS drying up..
Voodooran 28.10.2018
Why don't they agree 100%? It's all the same Bible, right?
Gurg 02.11.2018
Many scientists are coming around to the idea that all of this (us, the universe) could very well be a computer program being run by someone in the far away future.
Tojabei 07.11.2018
The biggest question is whether we should all be defined by our bodies or our minds.
Mikam 14.11.2018
depends on the funeral,, depends on the women..
Ferg 16.11.2018
Doug is the cigarette lighter.
Mazular 23.11.2018
I agree. Darwin's theory is nonsense. Some still care. Like Dawkins. Looks like a religion of a sort.
Dolkree 29.11.2018
I'm sure his lifelong study of climatology.
Kazikasa 10.12.2018
And then quickly abandoned it as totally unworkable.
Zulkikazahn 11.12.2018
if birth control fails you should pay for that forever?
Shazilkree 12.12.2018
"Nowhere in the Bible does it say that the 66 books in it are infallible."
Gushura 17.12.2018
I had one bankruptcy and now I know. Actually my credit score is awesome now.
Kar 24.12.2018
No, my statement disproves the value of your criterion. It does not affect the value of my statement, which is simply a report of my knowledge of something of which you have admitted ignorance.
Mazusida 28.12.2018
Right, when pigs fly........
Miktilar 29.12.2018
Ah, sorry moldred, the pic doesn't mean anything to me. I suspect we are from two great nations, divided by a common language??
Gushakar 03.01.2019
They do. That reaction only happens when the conversation steers into disrespect, racism and being "anti-everyone else".
Nikotilar 13.01.2019
Yeah, it just makes the definition of "supernatural" difficult as more and more of the universe gets explained.
Muhn 17.01.2019
I'm doing tiniest kind sir.l Never has life been better.
Gak 19.01.2019
Any chance you could turn down the incoherence?
Aralar 27.01.2019
My sister is always on my side, I mean you need that loyalty in life
Vill 04.02.2019
Sure, I can look to what the experts say. And they point to being very similar to modern day Palestinians
Jushicage 07.02.2019
Why did you just say that to me?
Kagalrajas 18.02.2019
It was a general statement.


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