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Or, does this have religious implications?

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Bad masti force sex
Bad masti force sex
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Kiganris 15.07.2018
don't discriminate... lmao
Fejora 23.07.2018
This is what happens when you let the children drive the bus. Thanks Trump.
Gom 28.07.2018
Says the goldfish in the bowl
Mazuzilkree 01.08.2018
Circumcision should be done some time after the age of consent. About the time he's really interested in girls.
Vushicage 11.08.2018
Hey, do you happen to know why the one image comment was removed? It was a picture of a rabbit in a rabbithole. I find that I have to remind Pan Genek that I will not go chasing him down rabbit holes because so many of his arguments are simply thinly-veiled attacks on Muslims.
Juk 15.08.2018
We are friends now, so yes. :)
Nikogore 23.08.2018
I have access to God?s Word. So do you...You just choose to ignore it.
Kazimi 01.09.2018
I consider it highly unlikely.
Duzilkree 06.09.2018
Conclusions without supporting argumentation is vacuous.
Kagazuru 13.09.2018
As I understand it:
Tokora 21.09.2018
it's really sad what passes for humour these days, Even sadder that you actually found it funny and just had to post it.
Kajimi 30.09.2018
It always make me laugh when people think something is good one day, but then immediately goes bad because of a date on a package.
Kajiktilar 01.10.2018
Trump already won-
Kajitilar 05.10.2018
I guess I shouldn't be shocked. Expecting TFCC to honestly report what a study says is like expecting your dog to do calculus.
Kigagul 14.10.2018
To those that teach it it is the truth, so I can be taught the truth (from there point of view and yours) and I can then claim it is not the truth from my point of view.
Zuluramar 16.10.2018
If your point is that women should not be told how to dress then it's really counter-productive to try to address that by telling women how they're allowed to dress. -_-
Kegal 18.10.2018
Science doesn't "support" Atheism, and I don't think most Atheists take that view. It is true that science is not in the position of supporting or studying supernatural matters. Your comment is not logical at all.
Malasida 24.10.2018
unless she decides to walk in to make a surprise visit and you're throwing a kinky orgy XD
Kataxe 01.11.2018
Lol, this reminds me of my mother. Granted, she isn't as bad because she does take notice of when someone has cleaned up and thanks them. However, she has a particular set way of doing things and bishes when people don't do it her way... i.e. she likes the dishwasher loaded a certain way; refrigerator organized a certain way...
Aragore 09.11.2018
It's not a big deal really... That said, you are right, men in the military (and any other profession where lives are on the line....cops, firemen, etc...) do have a very, very, very tight sense of camaraderie. I myself have found that to many (especially younger) women it's somewhat difficult for them to get at times- they feel jealous, or act like we have a 'bros before hoes' mentality. But that's not it at all... It's more about developing the close bonds that make that unit far more cohesive in action.
Brat 15.11.2018
I agree I think private is a major part. If you feel depressed don?t suffer silently
Arashill 23.11.2018
Oh believe me, I've tried. Over and over again. But nothing.
Vojar 01.12.2018
He's raping your mind from an ocean away and you aint getting a reach around.
Shakalabar 02.12.2018
Where the he77 do you get flat earth from genesis 1:9-13? Ignorance is baffling
Fauzshura 04.12.2018
Yeah, I saw that article and my reply to it detailed how it not only does not dismiss gradualism, but fits quite well into the model I described above, ie PE in periods of environmental upheaval and gradualism in periods of relative stability.
Gozshura 07.12.2018
And people have been doing it for millennia.
Daigal 17.12.2018
He didn't need to help, they will destroy themselves from within.
Sharamar 21.12.2018
Only if they needed entertainment and hair brushing and lip gloss.
Dular 26.12.2018
If they are still a minor under my roof and I am in charge of raising and training them, paying for their haircuts, hair care products, clothing, etc. then I DO get a say in their appearance.
Dalar 01.01.2019
Again with minimum wage. I don't care how much you make.
Dakree 08.01.2019
Yeah. It does seem prevalent in a few fundamentalist Christians who think scientific findings like evolution, a round earth, the model of the solar system, medicine, vaccines, space travel, and many other things are false and lead one away from God.
Zulkigrel 10.01.2019
Or, better, in line with slave-volunteer: I'd like to see people lining up to be bought, beaten to death, and/or raped.
Faemuro 15.01.2019
Not for me. I even tried using another browser. Okay now, though (obviously).
Grojinn 18.01.2019
Lousy OP, Smiley.
Kigadal 20.01.2019
I was going to answer you, but when I got home, I just made some calls and crashed. I had been working in the yard, and odd things all day, and was too lazy to then wash my car there. I probly should have!


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