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Not about the homosexuals. It was about the baker not wanting to sin. I have repeated that probably 35-40 times. I know you will not accept it but that it what happened, even if you refuse to accept that reality.

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Goll 14.08.2018
I must have missed when you posted it, or I would have participated. I guess I would be closest to the D group, though I didn't grow up with any particular faith. I believed something was there, but couldn't identify it.
Mauzuru 17.08.2018
The theory of evolution isn't some weak, fragmented evidence. You don't understand the evidence, and you tend to just copy and paste quote minned stuff about it.
Kazijora 27.08.2018
Completely off topic, but I find one of my new fave indie designers. The styles reminded me of you. Have you heard of Whim By Aree?
Zulut 30.08.2018
Sadly I think many women have it worse than most men - in that they are stuck physically, emotionally and financially caring for a child (or children) when the father is AWOL.
Gardalkree 02.09.2018
Threesome or foursome?
Milabar 04.09.2018
exactly per my caveat you need to have no expectations
Mikaktilar 09.09.2018
Nah, church in Norway did not lose 25.000 members in one month. They lost them loooooong ago. That was just moment when this become official. I guess you are not bothered when small children become members of some church, particularly yours, without having any idea about?
Tojakora 14.09.2018
Every family has an uncle Eddie, right?
Jusho 24.09.2018
It is not a 'why' question.
Faegar 29.09.2018
If your beliefs are based upon verifiable evidence, then no faith is ever required. Only when a belief requires you to suspend logic and reason and accept it without verifiable evidence is faith ever necessary.
Nagor 03.10.2018
I would be in favor of that charge only if they also knew their child had some mental issues.
Zolozilkree 11.10.2018
Whose estimate? Biblical/Mythological? Or Actual Historical?
Melrajas 14.10.2018
One day TFCC will write a coherent OP in his own words.(Right!).
Voodooramar 23.10.2018
It is often dead wrong on histroy. So its not much god as such a document. It gets too much wrong and makes cliams no other spurce backs
Jugor 02.11.2018
Browser history -- No criminal history, no diary, and no journal hehe.
Zolonris 10.11.2018
Wisdom? Why wouldn't it be worth pursuing?
Aralabar 11.11.2018
If he liked the sound of it and decided to make use of it, that is his prerogative. Either way it is irrelevant because your tautology argument is bogus.
Vorisar 16.11.2018
not really, you can be agnostic theist or agnostic atheist
Totilar 18.11.2018
Blame the modern passion for whitewashing greed. Greed prioritizes the individual over everything else. Of course the practitioners of the greed philosophy will tell that they had no intention of suggesting that the individual ignore the other issues, like killing people is a no-no, but the end results of greed are bad. Why? Because greed as a philosophy is unbounded. If prioritizing yourself somewhat fails to make the person content, it must be because the person was not greedy enough. More greed is even better! Still not content? More greed. The end result is psychosis or violence. The philosophy of greed informs that suicide is the worst possible copout.
Vimuro 24.11.2018
And if it was a regular wedding cake that does not have any names or writing on it he would have made it and been none the wiser, right?
Dutaur 28.11.2018
eh basic black with rose red tips would make more of a statement.
Kerr 30.11.2018
I don't see it, mate. It seems to me you have a certain feeling that tells you that it is right to think that they are oppressed yet this feeling clearly falls apart under scrutiny and once exposed to facts. I'm actually surprised you can't see it.
Didal 02.12.2018
Big time! I don't ever want to see or hear his face again!!
Mikashakar 05.12.2018
And since our money is physical we wouldn't expect that to be authentic would we?
Shakanos 11.12.2018
Talk to your fellow socialist jim_hitler in this threadnyou two jave a lot in common


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