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I can see the wind, I can feel the wind, the wind makes itself known in many ways and has ways to show us that it has been. Directly.

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Amateur wet t hart212
Amateur wet t hart212
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Najar 05.08.2018
["Evolution doesn't work. Its based on the past totally using the same
Nagal 09.08.2018
Different economics. When it costs millions to take someone to Mars and that one has to be educated, trained and high functional to get the mission to a success, you don't send those you are glad they are away. Space will not be settled by the bold, the naive and the ones that have nothing to lose.
Vukinos 15.08.2018
The Ambien excuse, when saying you are going "to focus on family" or go to rehab doesn't sound plausible.
Majin 22.08.2018
He certainly took wholeheartedly to the anti-Semitism in Christianity.
Goltihn 24.08.2018
Nope you didn't miss it. This article is about Fonda, not Lewandowski.
Voodootaxe 02.09.2018
Well, of course it is. Wow. You have no choice unless you can chose NOT to do something. You can choose where not to live, what not to say, what not to read, etc. You CAN discriminate against newspapers you don't like, churches you don't want to attend, people you don't want to marry. You can discriminate against stores you don't want to shop in, politicians you don't want to vote for. I could go on all day, obviously.
Meztigis 12.09.2018
Good morning all. Off to Peterborough. Dug the grave last night and just waiting to fill her in.
Zulujora 15.09.2018
It is obviously your opinion- try not to convince yourself that your opinions amount to something more than.
Dazragore 22.09.2018
We will see
Shagar 02.10.2018
By their own laws.
Tejinn 09.10.2018
I can?t date you because you supported the Nazi?s. Therefore, I cannazi you (cannot see you).
Voodoorg 12.10.2018
They are still stuck on witch burnings and the inquisition. Forgive em
Akinosida 17.10.2018
I define them how they are in realty. That's the thing about not believing in dangerous fairy tales. One is free to think without impedance by an archaic superstition.
Meztik 26.10.2018
You don't think everyone tries to reinforce their belief system rather than contradict it, regardless of how they get their news?
Arashitaxe 29.10.2018
'but the collective has no right to impose its priorities on any individual'
JoJosho 08.11.2018
Looks like a lot of hot air to me.
Vushakar 13.11.2018
I consider myself to be relatively intelligent. No animal sacrifice or seances going on here. Been around the track a time or 2. And Im not your average christian airhead pushing the gospel of Jesus to every Tom, Dick and Harry. No sir, I decided to use the brain God gave me and so I post questions that challenge the christian status quo. What about you? Whats your story?
Tausida 18.11.2018
not sure if you can read this - there are no pictures...
Arashinris 23.11.2018
Uniting a group of people against imaginary enemies.
Kajilkis 24.11.2018
I didn't ask about "follow someone blindly." I asked if you found it credible, whether or not it was real.
JoJojas 01.12.2018
Whatever can happen will happen but only what can happen.
Majind 03.12.2018
Thank you, Godstrombone, for this website. I have just now sent them a few of my questions regarding the Bible's authenticity. Greatly appreciate your concern for me, a humble servant of mankind and a follower of Jesus. I do hope you will follow my future posts as I try to sort thru what I feel God is saying to me. ???????
Kazrasar 13.12.2018
There's zero evidence.
Shaktibei 16.12.2018
It?s an entitlement when its not earned. Jeez
Grosar 19.12.2018
Right, with mommy and daddy helping a lot of them with their down payments and with the a significant portion of parents still paying some of their bills.
Tokazahn 26.12.2018
A valid point that would need to be addressed. How many people fall into that category?
Goktilar 01.01.2019
Not in Britain they ain't.
JoJora 03.01.2019
The facts do support evolution, the facts don't support creation. We are seeing many of the religious finally accepting this as a reality, so now they are creatively changing the bullshit to fit the facts.
Tojas 05.01.2019
It's hard to find decent falafel without new immigrants. So far, I only see an upside.
Dairn 06.01.2019
"Specialized" indicates past-tense. So it's over and done.


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