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Aeneid Latin Library

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I am doing no such thing. You, like so many leftists, are telling people what they can do without, blissfully oblivious to their own realities. Arrogance is unbecoming, but expected from the self-declared virtuous left.

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Aeneid Latin Library
Aeneid Latin Library
Aeneid Latin Library
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Yozshutilar 09.03.2018
Wherever you can find the classics in high end, buy it up. Just don't do that for trendy crap.
Moogujora 19.03.2018
Counterproductive?that pretty much describes the activities of Jesse Jackson, BLM, NAACP, ACLU, Al Sharpton, Rev. Wright, Eric Holder, President Hussein, the Congressional Black Caucus, the Democrat Party, and the mainstream "news" media.
Nik 26.03.2018
Following the current laws in Ireland abortion carries a penalty of 14 years in prison. That I would say is wrecking a persons life.
Grogul 03.04.2018
Nope, not going to mock you for that at all. I'd normally agree, having just had how many years of Liberal majority and the NDP backing them all the way. However, there needs to be a clear majority government that can do what needs to be done without political interference at every turn. It's the only way we can start to come back as a province. The current situation is a house of cards. A few upticks of interest rates, a slight down-turn in the global economy, we're screwed. That extra billion a month would go a long way to helping us.
Zulushakar 04.04.2018
As an agnostic ? or "middle grounder" ? I'll begin. Really fundamental argument, but an unreasonable one: There's no proof for God's existence.
Kagam 07.04.2018
Actually my wording does sound as though I'm suggesting what you say. My meaning isn't very clear in the post which is that clothing laws that forbid us from concealing our identity are not forms of oppression unless we also say we are oppressed by not being allowed to walk naked in public.
Nekora 15.04.2018
One Darwin award coming up!!!
Voodoonris 24.04.2018
Yep. He did it. I would have used a "pry bar" and mess up. Like humans do. So I went the Wise road. But of course that needs Real Trust to give what you are to "Someone" to do as He wants. And this you do not get over night.
Mezishicage 02.05.2018
correct me if im wrong but didnt trump say the electoral college was fake?
Shazil 07.05.2018
You choose to label everyone guilty before the facts.
Nakinos 09.05.2018
It is absurd. Not only does this notion of God insist on a hide and seek game, "You must simply believe without evidence", but you must also suffer for believing it. What kind of sick sadistic monster would require such cruel nonsense.
Akinoktilar 13.05.2018
I don't even trip off of it anymore. It's on him to work that out within himself.
Nagis 23.05.2018
omg I read that and thought "well that's not a very nice thing to say about your wife!"
Fauhn 02.06.2018
Trump is going after the pedophiles and the Liberals are becoming unhinged because most of them are pedophiles - FBI: Clinton Campaign Official Arrested On Child Rape Charges
Daizshura 06.06.2018
taking care of #1 is most important!!!
Akilmaran 06.06.2018
Well well just have to agree to disagree on the root causes of poverty. You prefer to think their poverty occurs in a vaccuum and has a singular simple cause. I prefer to look at the bigger picture and consider the full and well researched context of what?s going on.
Mokree 09.06.2018
Obviously the notion of God as an 'allowing' and 'disallowing' entity is a false concept. It is our experience that the God 'allows' all things that are possible within the parameters of the restrictions that give rise to the universe. Those restrictions are called, "laws of nature". Within those restrictions all things are "allowed". Obviously.
Tataxe 09.06.2018
Is that you're way of saying that you believe life is accidental and chaotic...? (rather than influenced by God...)
Fezshura 11.06.2018
I make no such assertion, son.
Kajicage 14.06.2018
F off racist homophobe!
Kejora 19.06.2018
Vouchers are excellent, and I hope they increase in number. And parents should be able to use them for religious schools, of course.
Shakalkree 27.06.2018
High five to him
Nikole 03.07.2018
THAT defies logic..... that something would come about AFTER its beginning. A "beginning" doesn't have to be one point in time when the context is clearly dealing with a completely different topic.
Viktilar 12.07.2018
Nice of you to give him the option to be flat out wrong :-)
Nishicage 17.07.2018
If you're right, why are you getting so upset?


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