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Yes, but the ending was not brought about by the influence of Christianity...

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Tojakazahn 07.08.2018
I merely asked if you agree hamas is a terrorist organization.
Dishicage 09.08.2018
Brady's son will take over when Tom finally decides to hang em up
Dosida 15.08.2018
I found it tastes great in pico de gallo and rice.
Yogami 18.08.2018
Hitler had a period of hysterical blindness triggered by Germany's defeat. While he was recuperating, one of the hospital staff introduced him to Nietzsche's concept of the superman. An unfortunate collision of obsessive personality and dangerous idea.
Feshakar 23.08.2018
False. The canon never changed as far as God is concerned. There are no forgeries in the Bible.
Brataur 01.09.2018
Dems all left the klan when the klan became mainstream. Dems are far too extreme for klan now.
Mikajin 09.09.2018
Slow down there, Muggle...no need to all caps me.
Neshakar 11.09.2018
What are you talking about? I'm not Christian to say that. All Miracles were finished after the sending down of the last message.
Faeshakar 20.09.2018
and if I'm not mistaken, wasn't the church against marriage until like the middle ages?
Maunos 26.09.2018
I agree the 'they' refers to Judah. But the Lord was with Judah. It helped them in the first battle, but not the second battle. The reason the Lord being with Judah didn't help them in the second battle is clear--iron chariots.
Mikalabar 03.10.2018
The Turks would take boys from every family and keep them for a few years as boy sex slaves (first) and then put them in their military as vassal fighters before letting them return to their home country. Russia was lucky because Romania drew a line in the sand and fought them back. It's why that country to this day receives a lot of props from other slav and rus cultures. Eh, sorry for boring you. Most people don't know about history in that part of the world and why we always want buffer nations all around us.
Gokus 08.10.2018
There's always a few suckers who will fall for the latest Internet scam. What a fool!
Shazuru 16.10.2018
I'm reminded of this.
Akinoshura 19.10.2018
Can you show me some evidence of the existence of any of "the gods" that you or anyone else consider "still have a shot" at existing?
Gardam 23.10.2018
I don't think so.
Yobar 26.10.2018
So what? YOU haven't proven that what I have said is not true. You can have the opinion that it is not true, but you can never prove it. Only for your failure to be saved. You must make the choice.
Meziktilar 30.10.2018
You're the one dragging racism into the discussion, a highly immoral tactic.
Votaxe 02.11.2018
You realize that most millennials are now homeowners, right?
Zolobei 05.11.2018
Yeah.... mild Rain... New BMW... Teenage kids... a little distraction ... too much speed and sharp turn at an intersection... witnessed one last night as well. AWD and ABS does you no good once you break traction.
Nikogami 12.11.2018
According to the story, none of the characters around Jesus were rich. Joseph of Arimathea... maybe? And Matthew the tax collector are the only ones implied to have wealth.
Sazil 14.11.2018
1 & 2 - This is one of those areas where I am somewhat conflicted, because in the interest of full disclosure (or to much), I was a recipient of the procedure as an infant for medical reasons. I have no memory of it and it has not negatively affected my life in any way that I am aware of. As a result, I think that some of the comparisons I have seen on occasion to the practice of female circumcision are extreme.
Gabei 19.11.2018
Oh, FFS. There's not a single 'new' idea in the Bible. It's a collection of stories. Paul was a turn of the millennium L Ron Hubbard.
Voodoobar 24.11.2018
Yes it's true. I know I have. It's difficult to know what to do and a lot of times you don't want to make things harder for yourself.
Dushicage 03.12.2018
In part because those in the diaspora and who vastly outnumbered those in the Holy Land. It has been estimated the Jews in Alexandria Egypt out numbered the entire population of the Holy Land. Rather like today where the Jews in New York outnumber those in Israel.
Daile 12.12.2018
All the minorities must show humility and respect to the majority. As well as the latter to the former.
Tukora 18.12.2018
LOL ANY of them is a master of it. That is why they are chosen.
Taunos 21.12.2018
You missed the point bubba. They don't get counted as unemployed if they are standing on the corner. There are thousands in the inner city and coal mine districts. What's wrong with a living wage law?
Kajisar 25.12.2018
I have been, and though they do share some videos, and some actual news reports, from what I have seen it's mostly propaganda. This is purely my observation, but I will certainly give it another shot to see if anything has changed recently.
Banris 03.01.2019
Knock the cake onto the floor and shut down the business immediately. Problem solved.
Shakajar 11.01.2019
Holy shit are you lost or what?
Vusar 16.01.2019
Yea, those are for trolling the clubs anyway. Need to go slow so they can chase in high heels.
Nikorisar 26.01.2019
Make sure to towel off after


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