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"Okay, Faith this is going to have to be quick as I have another appointment".

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Wait wut? Seriously, very few care about your choice, outside of religious family members.

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Young girls with tiny boobs
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Shami 11.07.2018
You've suggested a bible which isn't actually evidence of anything, let alone historical evidence.
Golkree 17.07.2018
I guess you are too stupid or lazy to look up the Iglesias ni Cristo. You will find plenty of stories describing how former members are killed, if you dare. I don't blame you for not wanting to look even more pathetic. Cling to the hate.
Kazralkree 19.07.2018
Can you heart hold out long enough? What will happen when Ontario will be governed by those further on the left?
Akilrajas 21.07.2018
You remind my if one of my favorite Styx songs.
Golrajas 26.07.2018
Jesus saddled you with them.
Gataxe 04.08.2018
The cake vs gay couples case? Lol.
Sara 11.08.2018
Glad you recognise ????
Tygohn 15.08.2018
Any grace and kindness I pass along to others, has been first given to me from her. Others too, but her impact was significant.
Ferr 19.08.2018
No sir, you repeatedly have been saying that Sharia law requires that those who commit "blasphemy" be executed. There are like a billion Muslims, so that would seem like a very high number. Folks who do not check that out, might erroneously believe you.
Goltibar 21.08.2018
Let me put it this way atheist believe that humans are just animals not much different than apes, just smart apes. Theist believe man is a special creation made in the image of God has the ability to have a relationship with God something that animals can't have. So instead of saying atheist think men are worth less let me turn it around and say that theist believe men are worth more. Does that help?
Gurg 28.08.2018
They may just be like me. I always try to be at least a few minutes early. I hate people having to wait on me.
Goltiran 06.09.2018
Here we go with the GOTCHA! brand of reporting and word twisting again, that caused Harper to cut the MSM off. Let's see if they learned anything.
Nizshura 08.09.2018
I said PE is a step closer...its not solid everywhere.
Dojinn 10.09.2018
I can't imagine thinking of 65,000 different things to say. This might be a novel. She should consider publishing.
Jugor 20.09.2018
3 weeks ago it was: TRUMP CAN PREP FOR MUELLER INTERVIEW AFTER PLAYING GOLF, GIULIANI SAYS. That time slot is now open for Dotard to prepare for Kim Jong-un.
Dolar 28.09.2018
Like everybody else who knows the truth about this. Your point is...?
Malazilkree 02.10.2018
about time, now if old bag Ginsberg would drop dead eating a matzoh ball.
Arakasa 12.10.2018
That is an incorrect definition. You can I could come on a crime scene and draw very different conclusions based on the available evidence.
Karn 18.10.2018
Sorry, you had your chance, comrade, and you blew it.
Vudolrajas 22.10.2018
My Bible study leader mentions him often. I will have to watch sometime,
Douran 02.11.2018
Baseless accusations and insults make you look less intelligent!
Sagul 08.11.2018
It is standard logic. If A implies B (A -> B) it does not follow that not having A necessitates not B (~A -> ~B).
Doshakar 16.11.2018
I used to eagerly search for the Ann Lander's page!
Mujas 18.11.2018
The court cases you've mention all involve the First Amendment.
Ner 27.11.2018
That is probably the case but I unfortunately have members of my direct family who were in the national socialist movement and Catholic priests and remained sympathetic to that ideology long after WW2 one making it quite high in the RCC hierarchy. I must rely on only their testimony to accept that the sympathisers to the anti-Semitic agenda of the Reich were quite abundant within the RCC
Aragal 07.12.2018
But not the after party
Sall 15.12.2018
Relevant. Very relevant. The
Arashitaxe 18.12.2018
You're trying too hard.
Kagalkis 23.12.2018
Everyone who wants to should be involved in the political process and of course their religious or spiritual beliefs are going to be influencing them as they vote or campaign. What they should not be doing is using coercion or guilt to try to make their beliefs the law of the land.
Mazahn 28.12.2018
I love this. Nice Ann.
Voodookinos 06.01.2019
Well, obviously, but as an individual parent or student, you can't really force them to do that if they resist requests.
Mezragore 07.01.2019
Why? To discuss or study a religion you need to belong in it? If the channel was "Japanese classical music", it had to be frequented by Japanese musicians? What's wrong in a critical approach?
Merisar 09.01.2019
If you have a stance on the philosophy of mathematics and it's potential discovery or invention; it would really lead to a more meaningful discussion. As far as my comment of quadratic equations I hear those like you, cliam god is only in the bible, to which I disagree.
Bralkis 12.01.2019
We are more at risk from intellectual and technological property being stolen by China, but sure, let's play trade wars with iron, aluminum, and corn like we are still living in the 1900's.


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