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My vertebrate betray me! I don't know what I did but my back was screaming at me when I woke up.

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Richard long naked pictures
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Fenrijora 24.08.2018
Nope. As usual it is difficult to figure out what you are actually trying to say, but nope. It simply means that there are many competing religions that are all 100% convinced that only their religion is correct. This is an obvious fallacy.
Nigul 27.08.2018
Because she said so.
Shabei 29.08.2018
Getting back with an ex?! ERMAHGERD NO! EWWWWW! So gross. No freaking way. Nope. Only losers do that.
Akinozil 08.09.2018
Or maybe doesn?t exist at all?
Taugor 10.09.2018
Government--both left and right don't care about healthcare. That has been proven.
Jusar 17.09.2018
Moshakar 20.09.2018
I'm an amateur but I research and there are many climatologists who disagree with man-made global warming. It's completely natural and so mild that there's no cause for alarm. But a fear industry has built up around it and too many are too invested in that industry to admit the truth.
Yozshusho 30.09.2018
It happens, complying is the best option. Several years ago my son was living with his girlfriend and her dad, they'd been partying, they got into a argument and the police were called. The cops asked if everyone was capable of just going inside and sleeping it off to which they all agreed. Two hours later the cops returned, no one even called them, they asked if things were still okay to which they answered everyone went to bed. They wanted to talk to my son to make sure he was okay too, they told them he was sleeping, they didn't care they wanted to talk to him. So the went and woke him up. He came outside and said he was fine. Then he walked over by the porch and lit a cigarette, I guess they figured he'd go back in to bed, being that they woke him up and he was still half asleep and tipsy still they'd be liable if he walked out into the busy road in front of their house, they asked him to sit, he refused, next thing you know they try to force him to sit down and he tries to back off from them, they grab a hold of him and throw him to the ground and arrest him for obstruction of justice. These were like country sheriff type dudes I guess had nothing better to do. It went on to court, he was fined five hundred dollars, court cost, and they ordered him to take a court appointed AA class...he couldn't just go to AA it had to be their AA, which ended up with me driving him like thirty miles once a week all to attend this class because the class was full near where they lived, more than likely attributed to it had a large college down the street and that judge was hard on everybody, he actually got in trouble for it a few years ago, had something to do with this lawyers client and the lawyer objected to something and the judge told him to be quiet or something like that, the lawyer filed a complaint against him because he suppose to fight for his client. Anyway, long story short it took my son like a year and a half of probation, classes, doing drops to see if he'd been drinking, I actually think the whole thing is a huge money maker for that area, the class a lone was like a hundred bucks. Ask my kid now if a cop asked him to sit would he and he won't give you any argument about it, he tells people it's just less costly and easier to sit....he can laugh about it now but it wasn't so funny back then. These stories happen to a lot of people, and as ridiculous as it was that the cops actually caused the whole problem the second time it should have been thrown out of court if you ask me. When these things happen to white people for what ever reason they just don't make national news, something like this should have, the cops had no reason to come back there. I almost forgot to add that since this also happened when he was a adult this will follow him around anytime someone wants to check his record before hiring him, he did have one place bring it up to him once.
Meztile 03.10.2018
This may be adequate for the scientific mind, but ignores the
Maujora 04.10.2018
How do you guys feel about Roseanne being cancelled?
Voodooll 09.10.2018
Yes, yes. You feel sorrow for me.
Shakatilar 15.10.2018
It's an unrelated question.
Moogukree 19.10.2018
Tell us all then why he was beaten if he was complying like his buddy did and his buddy didn't get beaten.
Vudoramar 29.10.2018
Don't you mean that the bible says that of the God? It's all from an old book.
Moogukus 29.10.2018
great post, but it won't make a difference to the anti-theists here. They are actually blind. I believe this blindness probably a spiritual blindness as well.
Marg 04.11.2018
Sponsor some immigrants.
Bagrel 11.11.2018
Here's a great healthcare plan. Call 4 or 5 insurance companies get the best policy for you and your family, and pay for it YOURSELF!
Shaktikree 14.11.2018
George H.W. Bush still hates broccoli
Shadal 24.11.2018
"Some call it heavenly in its brilliance
Vijin 04.12.2018
But are you here to discuss and study religion, or are you here to bash believers?
Fenrit 12.12.2018
Problem with your theory: Kim Jung Un knows what he is doing and how badly Trump wants a Nobel like Obama. Trump jumped at the the first offer of a meeting by NK
Nikolar 21.12.2018
I meant "he was convicted" - I'll fix that, nice catch XD
Moogular 29.12.2018
as soon as you say everyone is special, then that means nobody is.
Mijas 31.12.2018
I block childish commenters.
Kagasida 06.01.2019
oh good, you might say something relevant then. do tell, about our closed system
Doshura 11.01.2019
The biblical narrative contains a textual formula that marks the end of each days activities. If you count them you'll see that Adam was created on the 7th day and God rested on the 8th day. Note: The scribes omitted the blessing in the 2nd day but inserted it in the middle of the 3rd and 6th days. The idea of a Sabbath rest is of late origin. The Bible records no such observance in any portion of Israel's "history" prior to the Exodus from Egypt.
Kihn 15.01.2019
Turns out: I've had OPs shut down for just such a dig. The mods, clearly, like their marmite more than their Christianity.


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